A very dear friend of mine has been battling cancer for a year now. As painful and heart-wrenching as this process has been to watch, it has also possessed an element of beauty.  The beauty comes from the elegance in which my friend has embraced this adversity in his life and chosen to continue living life to its fullest. 

When he broke the news to those of us closest to him, he chose his words carefully and was more concerned about our emotions than his own.  He walks into every chemo treatment greeting his nurses with his warm smile and peaceful spirit.  When he is able to work, he shows up fully engaged and willing to give his team 100%, even though he’d rather be at home in bed.  He speaks to his medical team about empathy and how they can use emotional intelligence to provide better care for their patients.

When he calls to check-in, he ALWAYS starts the conversation by asking, “How are you My Friend?” and expects me to share every detail of what has been going on since we last spoke.  The positive energy he exudes during our phone calls is awe-inspiring.  His kindness and generosity continues to overflow even in those moments where he has received unwelcomed news about his progress.

6seconds_KCGMy friend is truly a man who, to use the words of the Six Seconds Model

  • Knows himself;
  • Chooses himself; and
  • Gives of himself. 

I refer to him as my “peaceful warrior.” He is a master at creating joy in his life and the lives of others.  Even during the darkest hours of his battle with cancer, he continually chooses the weapons of love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control when it would be so easy to choose fear, anger, resentment, and hostility instead.


I’m sure many of you whom are reading this, can picture your own “peaceful warrior.”  What were…or are their weapons of choice? When and how do they deploy those weapons? Would you have this same ability if you were walking in their shoes?  If not, why not? 

I can only hope and pray that the next time I face adversity, I choose the arsenal of weapons my warrior has introduced me to over this past year. 

Cheers to you My Friend!


Wanda Townsend

Wanda Townsend is a Six Seconds Advanced Practitioner with over 17 years as a trainer and coach.

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