One of the basic facts about emotion:  Feelings motivate.

Fear motivates protection.

Anger motivates attack.

Joy motivates connection.

Disgust motivates rejection.

Trust motivates stepping forward.

Sorrow motivates withdrawing.

Surprise motivates stopping to assess.

Anticipation motivates looking forward.

There are myriad combinations of these expressed in thousands of words for feelings.


One of the basic facts about business life:  Meetings are… suboptimal.  

We have a lot of (probably WAY too many) fairly useless meetings.  They don’t GO anywhere, people leave having heard, but not feeling heard.  The leave with ideas but not meaning.


Put the two facts together:  

In your next meeting, how do you want people to feel?


If you consider that every meeting is an opportunity give a gift of emotion — emotion that will create some value for the person, the team, the organization — what gift will you give?

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