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raising humans podcast: parenting with emotional intelligence


Raising Humans is a podcast for parents or anyone who spends time with children.

Parenting can be an emotional roller coaster. How can you use the wisdom of emotional intelligence to be the kind of mentor and teacher you want to be for your kids?

Each week, we take a scenario sent in by a parent and we look at it through the lens of emotional intelligence. We also provide tips for your “EQ Parenting Toolkit” so that next time you encounter a similar situation or feeling, you will have some ideas you can practice.

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Raising Humans is hosted by May Duong, a parent of two boys, and Director of Parent Education for Six Seconds, and Rachel Anne Goodman, a Peabody award-winning radio producer who is also the Communications Manager for Six Seconds, and is the parent of two grown children.

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The Raising Humans Parenting Podcast

Raising Humans #15-On Emotions and Elections
Published on January 12, 2017
Talking to Kids About Difficult Political Moments In the United States on November 9, many parents woke up wondering how to talk to their children about their feelings about the outcome of the national elections. As Michelle Maltais wrote in the L.A. Times, "Parents struggled to contextualize for their children that a candidate for the highest office in the country displayed the very vulgarity and bullying behavior many families and schools worked so hard to combat." In this podcast, we explore…


Raising Humans Through the Holidays-Podcast #14
Published on December 22, 2016
May the turning of the year bring light to all! Happy holidays from Six Seconds. Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Happy winter solstice, Pancha Ganapati, Yule, Sadeh, Malanka, Boxing Day, Quaid-e-Azam's Day, Hogmanay, Soyal, Yalda, Las Posadas, and Bodhi Day.  From all of us at Six Seconds, may the turning of the year toward the light bring light within your heart and emotional intelligence to all!   From a kid's perspective: So much build-up and anticipation and…


Raising Humans #13-Reducing Academic Stress
Published on December 2, 2016
Academic stress. Those two words describe a big minefield when it comes to parenting. How can parents and educators instill and support a love of learning, while downplaying messages of competition and conditional approval? A few years back, a friend's five year old announced he planned on attending Harvard. I was half amused, and half horrified. Who had been asking this child which college he was considering? It's one thing to have goals, another altogether to send kids the message…


Raising Humans #12: Sit With Us-A Creative Response to Bullying
Published on November 16, 2016
Bullied Teen Develops App to Help Bullied Middle School Kids Find Friends When Natalie Hampton was in middle school, she was bullied and attacked physically. She is one of the 22% of students ages 12-18 who have experienced bullying. Include cyber-bullying and the rate jumps to 83% for girls and 79% for boys experiencing this at some point in their childhoods. For parents, it can be distressing not knowing how to protect and empower their kids. For Natalie, it was…


Raising Humans #11: Raising World-Aware Kids
Published on November 9, 2016
The world is a big place. It can be awe inspiring, scary, big, exciting and complex. There are a lot of places, people, groups, and communities outside of our families that need compassion, time, creativity and energy. As a parent, how can you help your kid become an active citizen of the world? With all the conflicts and trouble, how can we show our kids they can make a difference? In this podcast, we hear from Divya Prakash, a teen…


Raising Humans #10-Family Relationships – a Teen’s View
Published on November 3, 2016
This teen's story shows how Emotional Intelligence can spread from family relationships to the broader world No parenting podcast would be complete without a look into the world and thoughts of teens. So much change and growth is happening in such a short time it can feel like a rocky road for parent and child. There seems to be a constant push and pull going on between dependence and independence, security and risk taking. We want to stay emotionally close…


Raising Humans Episode #9-A Child’s Growing Self-Awareness
Published on October 26, 2016
Practicing EQ is Second Nature for Mari and her dad, Damien The author, Annie Dillard wrote, “Children ten years old wake up and find themselves here, discover themselves to have been here all along." It's not everyday one meets a child like Mari, age 9. A student at Six Second's Synapse School in Menlo Park, for four-years she has been studying emotional intelligence as part of the everyday Self Science curriculum. In this podcast, recorded with her dad, Damien, Mari…


Raising Humans #8-Working Parents
Published on October 20, 2016
Pamela Williams: Working Parent of Five! Finding work-life balance in this busy world can be a challenge for even the most organized and loving parents, especially if one or both work outside the home. Pam was a busy parent, traveling all over the globe for her career. Then Pam and her husband found out they were expecting twins, and there was a mixture of joy and surprise. Their family would be expanding overnight from three kids to five. There would…


Raising Humans # 7 – Parent-Child Power Struggles
Published on October 13, 2016
Power Struggles: Who’s in Charge Here? When children are rude, or engage in power struggles over who is in charge, how do you respond? Many of us just want to draw a hard line about behaviors we don’t like. "Do it because I said so!" is a default reply many of us learned from our parents. What are the alternatives? In Episode #7 of Raising Humans, we hear from one parent who gets into power struggles with her child regularly…


Raising Humans #6: Frenemies-Helping Children Navigate Difficult Relationships
Published on October 6, 2016
Frenemies: Navigating the Stormy Waters of Childhood Friendships Are we doing all we can in helping children navigate difficult relationships? What should or can a parent do when their child gets into a friendship where there is a big power imbalance? What is the fine line between bossy and bullying? How can you nurture your child’s resiliency and self-esteem while letting them learn their own lessons? How can you help your child be a better friend and still stand up…



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