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Connecting with Connectance in Italy

Max Presutti is President/Founding Partner of Connectance, a network created to draw learning models and development of individual performances and organizations focused on innovation and change and learning contexts where emotions, insights and actions can promote...
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Learning Emotional Intelligence at Six Seconds: 17 Aha! Moments

What’s challenging about learning and teaching emotional intelligence… and what have we learned in that experience? Here are some of our own hard-won (and not-YET-won) life lessons….

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Spreading Emotional Intelligence Across the Middle East

Six Seconds welcomes our new Preferred Partner, Indigo, a consulting firm founded by Mrs. Sereen Abu Maizar Wahbeh in Amman, Jordan. We spoke with Sereen and Manal Milbes  Co-founder/ Operations Manager at Indigo about how they are helping spread emotional...
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The Business Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East

In the “dynamic” business environment of Dubai and the GCC region, what’s happening with emotional intelligence in the Middle East? How does Dynamic Learning help leaders build organizations that flourish in the UAE and beyond?

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Emotional Intelligence in Italy: Meet Lorenzo Fariselli

What’s happening with emotional intelligence in Italy? Meet the leader of the Italian Emotional Intelligence Network, Lorenzo Fariselli.

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Building Resilience: A Conversation with Fiorella Velarde

What are the essential lessons of emotional intelligence for building a thriving future with emotional intelligence? Fiorella Velarde is a Network Leader for Six Seconds living in Miami, Florida. She has dedicated her life to helping children build resilience in the face of stress and other challenges using the wisdom of EQ and psychology.

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Solafa Batterjee: Spreading EQ Beyond Saudi Arabia

DOROOB is a Non-For-Profit company in Saudi Arabia that serves societies through investing in educating the elite to empower them to become leaders of positive change. They are a Six Seconds preferred partner. Six Seconds: How did you come to the world of emotional...
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Australia’s Careerlink: People Solutions Drive Performance

What kind of support do companies need to create lasting change in their workforce? That is a question Careerlink is trying to answer with their services. Careerlink, a Six Seconds preferred partner for three years now, is based in Adelaide, Australia. They have...
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The Dance of Coaching: Hayatin Ritmi’s Erdem Ercan

When Erdem Ercan talks about his history as a coach, he omits the fact that he has several certifications from different EQ approaches all over the world. He loves team & 1-1 coaching by EQ competencies and the Six Seconds model. Perhaps it is modesty, or his...
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Profile: EQ in Action Inspires Leadership in South Africa

Avril Kidd's company EQ in Action is a Preferred Partner for Six Seconds Africa in South Africa’s Kwazulu Natal Province. Six Seconds spoke with Avril about her work sharing emotional intelligence with leaders in that country. Helping leadership embrace change through...
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Cynthia Ng

SVP Learning and Development, HSBC

There are many EQ training programs but Six Seconds and its phenomenal trainers are the real thing. You will be personally and professionally transformed.

Kathleen Ruby, Ph.D.

Director of Wellness and Leadership Development, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine

EQ blends the heart with the brain, be open and ready to explore and it will change your life.

Shawn Cornet

Learning & Development Manager, Qatar Airways


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