Emotional Intelligence Essentials: Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing & Wellness

Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing & Wellness

Essential Emotional Intelligence Resources

“Brain illness” or “Mental illness” describe clinical challenges… but what’s the opposite? What would it mean to have the emotional and mental wellbeing to flourish, even in challenging circumstances? Here are our top emotional intelligence resources for emotional wellbeing & wellness.

Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing & Wellness

Most people don’t know how to talk about the mental and emotional assets, or skills, that can help ALL people be mentally healthy. We’re good at defining mental illnesses… but what’s the opposite? It’s not just “happiness” though often people oversimplify it to that word. 

Emotional intelligence offers practical tools to help people increase mental wellbeing. From understanding emotions to maintaining balance in complex situations, EQ skills support thriving.

Why does wellbeing matter?

According to an ABC in May 2020 poll, 77% of Americans say their lives have been disrupted by the virus, 70% are highly stressed, 92% expect a recession.

In June 2020, Julianne Holt-Lunstad wrote in HealthAffairs: within the first few months of the pandemic loneliness increased by 20 to 30 percent, and emotional distress tripled.

Cigna Loneliness & Workplace study 2020, people in the US report: 61% are lonely – so loneliness is an epidemic being magnified by the CV19 epidemic.

How does EQ help?

Emotional intelligence is a learnable, measurable, scientifically grounded skillset to be “smarter with feelings.” The 2018 State of the Heart report (the world’s largest study of emotional intelligence) found a strong and statistically significant correlation between:

  • Individual emotional intelligence scores from a randomized sampling, and
  • World Health Organization wellbeing data aggregated at a national level across 100+ countries

So: If we want thriving (not just surviving) then the skills of emotional intelligence could  be one key resource.

How to Have More Wellbeing and Emotional Wellness: EQ Resources, Articles & Tips

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