Key Topics in Emotional Intelligence

Frequent questions on emotional intelligence… click a topic to find a brief introduction plus our most popular articles and recommended resources on managing stress, increasing equity, understanding emotions… and more!

How to handle stress and anxiety

Stress is rising. Anxiety & uncertainty are everywhere. What can we do to engage with these difficult feelings in a proactive way with emotional intelligence? Access a brief background on how to handle anxiety and the meaning of stress, plus our top resources and recommended articles.

Equity and emotional intelligence

Racism is charged with emotion, so can emotional intelligence support antiracism? A background on bias, intersectionality, Six Seconds’ vision of equity… and selected resources.

Emotions List & Emotional Literacy

The foundation for emotional intelligence is naming and understanding feelings, aka: Emotional Literacy. Access the top resources for learning about feelings, and the emotions lists we have available for free download. We’ve curated fun, accessible videos and articles that put the latest neuroscience of emotion to work for you.

Growth Mindset & Optimism

A “Growth Mindset” is about learning and developing, but how do you grow that for yourself and others? Here are our top resources for using the emotional intelligence skill of optimism for strengthening a growth mindset at work, at school, and at home.

More Topics Coming Soon

Empathy & Kindness

Finding Purpose & Setting Goals

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence

Staff Picks: Three of our Favorite Resources from the EQ Store

How to Get Started Practicing Emotional Intelligence

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