Preferred Partners are firms with deep expertise in applying Six Seconds’ tools and methods.

Preferred Partners create organizational transformation to strengthen the long-term value for all stakeholders.  We partner with leaders, providing consulting and training using a robust, evidence-based methodology to deliver exceptional value to our clients.


Members include (click a region to expand):


New Leaders
Beijing, China

Applying the power of emotional intelligence to develop highly effective managers and leaders across the enterprise

Adelaide, Australia

Developing high performing organization from staffing through to people development and consulting. We help you unlock leadership potential, accelerate sales growth, improve customer service, and hire quality staff.

Root Consulting
Seoul, Korea

Root Consulting is a leadership and consulting company based in Korea, assisting individuals and businesses to reach their full potential by developing emotional and spiritual intelligence.

UBalancer Solutions
Brisbane, Australia

Experts in driving improved thinking &
innovation to achieve real results through life-changing coaching in business, education, sports and healthcare.

Learn With Dragonfly
Hong Kong

Learn With Dragonfly is one of the most well-known experiential and outdoor learning organizations in the China region. Since our founding in 2002, we have led the way through the integration of educational goals, development of new sites and locations, and excellence in facilitation.

British Council PDC

Team of exclusive training consultants deliver a range customised workshops covering leadership, creativity, innovation, performance, customer service and communication powered by EQ.

Qinglian EQ
Shanghai & Chongqing, China

Transforming early childhood education in China towards a compassionate, creative, child & family friendly culture to nourish a future generation of global citizens

Singapore Polytechnic Business School

The faculty of SP is committed to their students’ enduring success — and so they’ve woven EQ into the fabric of the business school degrees. 


Middle East, Africa & India

Dynamic Learning

Dubai, UAE

We partner with clients to create environments that drive positive change.


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Empowering children to become leaders of positive change in their societies.

Qatar Airways

Doha, Qatar

The Customer Experience Department is rolling customized EQ training out to all on-board leaders to further improve QA’s world class service. 

Premier Training Services

Nairobi, Kenya | Zimbabwe

A human capital development company committed to unlock the potential and build the capacity of every individual and team we serve in the East Africa market and beyond!


Amman, Jordan

In Indigo we believe in the strength of children as tomorrow’s leaders; we strive to empower children and support them to become lifelong learners.


Durban, South Africa

Developing emotional intelligence for sustainable success in business and life.

Pause Factory

Lagos, Nigeria

Pause Factory is Africa’s premier Emotional Intelligence Academy, they are 100% dedicated to the development of People and Organizations through Emotional Intelligence Competencies.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We help leaders to take innovative decisions and solutions based on the understanding of an organization’s internal and external environment.


Mumbai, India

An end-to-end Human Capital Performance Solutions provider. We are a one-stop shop for all Training and Development related services and accomplish the highest levels of customer satisfaction at the same time.


Mumbai, India

a premier provider of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), is a process – driven Learning and Development enterprise. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organisation set up more than a decade ago to do pioneering research in the field of Emotional Intelligence.



EQuip Studios
Illinois, USA

EQuip Studios is a leading provider of emotional intelligence training, assessment, and coaching for leaders, teams, and entire organizations.

Integrity Partners
Arizona, USA

Partnering with leaders to build organizations with a high-performance culture to take small businesses to the next level.

CM Leadership
Toronto, Canada

Transforming organizations through design thinking, solid business logic, and powerful methods for shaping high-performing cultures. 

The Spirit of EQ
Ohio, USA

Great results come from people working together for a meaningful purpose.  We help business and community organizations clarify purpose and develop the skills to put it into action. 

Goodner Strategic Consulting 
Dallas/Ft Worth, USA

Providing rapid insight into human dynamics in the workplace and real solutions that F.I.T.©, to create a competitive advantage through people.

Heidi Day
Atlanta, USA

Heidi’s clients heal the trauma that’s holding them back, unleashing their highest levels of performance.

Sao Paolo, Brazil

We customize business solutions to our clients to generate substantial and sustainable financial impact. We increase productivity, strengthen customer retention rates, and improve organizational climate.

Authentic Connections
California/New Hampshire, USA

Authentic Connections awakens vitality in organizations by developing a strong culture of leadership with the systems and change processes to make it stick.

Organizational Soul

Grow Your People, Build Your Culture, Transform your Results with Yvette Bethel. Perceptive, Strategic, Resourceful.

Missional Wisdom Foundation
Texas, USA

Leadership & Community Development, Distance Learning, Faith Community Develop, Social Entrepreneurship

Waterford, Inc
Alexandria, VA, USA

Supporting businesses and nonprofits to make a positive impact in the world. 

Texas, USA

Consulting, coaching and training support to create/sustain a magnetic, thriving, innovative corporate culture.

EQ Vehicle
California, USA

Equipping students & educators with measurable, learnable skills of emotional intelligence for a positive school climate.

Rich Integration
Las Vegas, USA

Specializing in Executive Coaching for leaders in new environments, RI unlocks the true potential of leaders.



Maastricht, Netherlands

Bluegg helps people and organizations with their Emotional Growth – driven by knowledge and scientifically proven instruments.

Leadership Experts Group
Vilnius, Lithuania

Creating added value for business organizations, education and healthcare system institutions by releasing individual and team potential.

Hayatın Ritmi 
Istanbul, Turkey

Supporting people and organizations to develop emotional intelligence to unleash their full potential.

Milan, Italy

Calenti & Partners, a boutique executive search firm. We help our clients to find and evaluate talents, and to create successful, long-lasting, emotionally-intelligent relationships.  

Rome, Italy

Connectance is a company that provides Learning & Development programs for teams and organizations to enhance overall performance  in terms of Strategy, Execution, Organization and People.

LifeSkills Italia
Bologna, Italy

Association of parents and professionals working with schools, coaches, counselors and parents to bring EQ skills to life.

Silver Fox Leadership
Warsaw, Poland

We are a Leadership Boutique Consultancy, offering professional leadership services to break down the magic of leadership into its fundamental elements and we prove that leadership can be taught.

Milan, Italy

Through an “ad hoc” approach, Otherwise deals with behavioral training, workshop design and facilitation, management consulting, coaching, team coaching, Lego Serious Play facilitation, information design, visual tools and meeting design, unconventional events creations & animation, assessment center design & delivery, graphic recording.

Venice, Italy

Team of professional experts where the diversity and experience are a value and an asset to spread in training and coaching. Focused on public sector, Salef is able to increase public awareness of the management, social skills and solution finding.

Carriere Italia 
Reggio Emilia-Verona-Milano, Italy

Carriere Italia partners businesses in two strategic areas: commerce and human resource development. Our services are closely tailored to specific needs, by deploying a combination of different methodologies, primarily strategic and organizational consulting, training and corporate coaching, in compliance with the ICF guidelines and certifications.

GAP Management
Bologna, Italy

An excellent mix of business, consulting and sporting experiences. GAP is focused on innovation in sectors of training, coaching, personal development and strategic consulting.

London, UK

Specializing in ‘People Performance’, we blend data & insight to bring individuals, teams and organizations through transformational change.

Asterys Lab
Rome, Italy

The Campus is a transformation laboratory for professional coaches  and all those working with people in personal development. It is the only Coaching School in Italy that certifies professional coaches on SEI Assessments.

Brussels, Belgium

Developing emotional intelligence to improve personal influence, leadership skills, team relations, productivity and profitability. 

Rome, Italy

“Design your Vision” – It is the excellent goal of NoCom, a company that wants to bring Emotional Intelligence as a culture of life. It represents the Center For Body Language in Italy and thanks to the other International certifications it approaches training and coaching with professionalism, quality and humanity. The Focus of NoCom is the world of Health where, for years, it has been dealing with Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Rome, Italy

Training for education and business for people to take the “coach approach,” increasing self-awareness to unleash potential. 



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