Emotional Intelligence at Work:

Tips to Improve Virtual Meetings, Prepare for Interviews and More

By Michael Miller, March 2022

Do virtual meetings have to be boring and disconnected, and do interviews have to be nerve wracking? The answer to both is no. How? Emotional intelligence is the key. Here are practical tips to connect virtually, master interviews and more. This is the browser version of Six Seconds’ monthly newsletter, Emotional Intelligence at Work. You can sign up with the form below to receive the newsletter.

3 Tips to Make Virtual Meetings Better with Emotional Intelligence

Virtual and hybrid interactions are here to stay. Do you feel equipped to show up as your best self and meaningfully connect in that format? Here are 3 practical tips to improve your leadership presence on Zoom.

Do Job Interviews Have to Be Scary?

Emotional intelligence expert and executive coach Angela Giacoumis offers 3 tips for women to navigate the emotional dynamics of job interviews, including preparing beforehand and navigating the emotions of the moment.

5 Questions to Develop Your Empathy

The best leaders genuinely care about and connect with employees – and that starts with empathy. Here are 5 questions to go beyond the typical clichés about putting yourself in people’s shoes, and really connect.

Plutchik’s Wheel: A Powerful Tool to Understand Feelings

How fluently do you speak the language of emotions?Plutchik’s Wheel is a powerful tool for leaders to be more fluent in feelings and what they’re trying to tell you.

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