Meeting the Emotional Side of the Pandemic


EQ Solutions: Celebrating Grow U & Next Steps Together

In late January, tearful conversations with our teams in China & Korea: Everything was shutting down. It seemed impossible that the virus could have such a widespread effect… yet just a few weeks later, it seemed the whole world was affected. Six Seconds’ community includes thousands of trainers, consultants, coaches & educators and 10s of 1000s of EQ allies in over 200 countries & territories — by March, almost all of us were grappling with deep uncertainty. Individually, collectively we faced an unknown future, and clear evidence that people were feeling lost, lonely, afraid… and wanting to do something.

Two powerful questions called us to rise to this challenge:

As we’ve since learned, the emotional effects of the pandemic are far-reaching, and, at the same time, there is growing awareness that emotional intelligence is a “must have” in every sector. In March, we asked Six Seconds’ Network Leaders and Preferred Partners: What do people most need from us today?

With 32 volunteers from 14 countries, we launched Grow U, and together we shared over 250 free and low-cost live online classes in four months. Plus 22 (and counting) EQ Livestream panels! From the emotions of racism to resilience in the face of devastation to leading teams through uncertainty… our community joined together in a uniquely “Six Seconds-ish” way… with laughter, tears, authentic sharing, hard science, and open hearts.

Learn What Works: How to Support People Virtually with Emotional Intelligence 

In July, we decided to take a “Grow U Vacation” and analyze the results. There are three essential ingredients that make the difference. Below, I’ll share what we found, and invite you to join the next steps.

But first a moment for gratitude: I’m deeply moved by the outpouring of support and what we shared, and I hope you’re join me in thanking all the people who led and joined classes. Here are some of the many comments that led us to design the next phase of Grow U:

Growing U is not only a safe harbor for the turbulent times we are living, but oars, a boat and a compass to navigate the tricky and swirling emotional waters we are and will be navigating for some time.

David W, Illinois

Growing U is a unique opportunity to interact with experts and people around the world who are passionate about sharing EQ knowledge and skills for living with optimism and courage. We live amidst unprecedented rapid change that strains our capacities to adapt. Learning how to live and contribute with intelligence and compassion requires we optimize the power and wisdom of our emotions. Growing U provided that for us. The sessions are provocative. I experience discovery and inspiration.

Yoshi N, N. Carolina

it is great opportunity to meet EQ community members around the world and reflect our feeling and gain insight.

Mimas K, Jordan

The GrowU sessions are deeply relevant, important, timely, succinct, and pleasurable. The outstanding uniqueness is the connection of people from all over the world. Time zones donʻt matter when people seek to understand and learn about each other. I believe that these classes are changing the thought towards a more peaceful existence in our world,… one person at a time. I have met others who began as strangers and have become friends, confidants, and a virtual support team through these classes.

Pua, Hawai’i


An anchor during these stressful uncertain days. Thank you.. I have been able to make a routine around the sessions in these days of nothingness.

Jaya R, India

At a time when many things seem fraught with challenge and difficulty and physical isolation may be starting to take its toll, the Grow U series is a fantastic medium through which to connect with oneself and with others in a vibrant, supportive, online community. It is helping me to see that in the midst of challenge lies opportunity and that in spite of our physical distancing from one another, we are all still richly connected by our thoughts, actions and emotions. 

David E, Birmingham, UK

 Meeting the moment: 
in the context  of deep
uncertainty & disconnection,
people need more than
“knowledge” they want
involvement, connection
& emotions 

What’s Next to Practice Emotional Intelligence with Grow U?

The testimonials above tell a story about emotional intelligence today and the three key lessons we’ve learned from the first four months of GrowU. 

1. Millions of people are grappling with survival challenges due to Covid-19. Billions are struggling with emotional challenges. Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing… yet most of the content online today is passive. People are craving involvement, connection, and emotions.

2. We also learned that in a time when people are carrying the weight of added challenge, simplicity is essential.

3. Finally, the need for emotional intelligence is greater than ever. In workplaces, schools, governments, families all over the world, EQ is becoming a “must have” for all of us, and especially those who are leading and supporting other.


GrowU 2.0: Making Emotional Intelligence Practical

The next iteration of Grow U focuses on three powerful questions:



Is this approach to emotional intelligence something that will work for me?



How can practicing emotional intelligence help me with my wellbeing, effectiveness, etc?



Can I use these emotional intelligence methods for real-world work/life needs?

If You're A Future GrowU Fan

Learn about GrowU and sign up for a free class.

Start with a Welcome class to experience this community and interactive methodology. Then go onto level 2 and 3 if it fits for you.

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Welcome to EQ

EQ made practical & relevant

Level 2:
EQ & You:
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EQ Applied:
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