Grow U Emotional Intelligence Classes


What is emotional intelligence? How do I practice it? In these 1-hour introductory Grow U sessions, you will better understand how you want your life to be better, and you will walk away with a practical technique you can use in any moment.


“Grow U helps put EQ into action for a better you.” -Shawn

Why Grow U?

Real classes tailored to YOU

“Grow U has something to nourish and fortify everyone in a meaningful and engaging ways. What a gift to the world.” –  Colette

Authentic conversations with caring people

“I have met others who began as strangers and have become friends, confidants, and a virtual support team through these classes.” – Pua

Practical tools for emotional intelligence

“GU is a superb way to learn about EQ and how one can utilize the tips, knowledge and skills to enhance one’s Emotional Intelligence” – Robert

Grow your EQ for now and a better future

“GU is really all about you, simple sessions which are impactful, thought provoking and practical. Helps put EQ into action with a better you.” – Shawn

Grow U was created by Six Seconds, the world’s leading nonprofit org for emotional intelligence.

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