Happy 80th Birthday Anabel Jensen!

A few messages from the global EQ community

celebrating your work and vision

Anabel, you inspire us to be more innovative, more brave, more loving, more optimistic. We can feel you standing “shoulder to shoulder” with us on these wild adventures and we’re grateful to be learning together with you.
– Josh & Patty
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Happy Birthday from David, USA & all of us who wish we could sing like this!

Anabel, thanks so much for your friendship, inspiration, and passion.  You’ve brought color and warmth to the fairly cold and “black and white” world of this accountant.
– Fred

Six Seconds matters to me because it allows me to contribute to the world, bring a smile where ever I can, choose for compassion and care and help people to make their difference in the world.
– Lieve, Belgium

Happy birthday! Anabel!!!

November 26 is your birthday
It is also the date of the establishment of Six Seconds Japan.
We entered the ninth year of our activities in Japan.
We are happy to celebrate today together.


Happy Birthday, Anabel! Thank you for this wild adventure you are taking us on in pursuit of spreading optimism through education to youth and adults around the globe! I am so thankful for the influence that you and Six Seconds has had on my parenting and life. With Love and gratitude,
– Jenny

Greetings from Daruvar/Croatia

We are the Golubić Family. Six Seconds matters to us because people and the world are suffering, so we need people EVERYWHERE to connect and support a future for all!!

Happy Birthday Anabel!!!

I’m Mary from Italy and Six Seconds matters to me because by choosing how to act instead of reacting we’ll have harmonious relationships and  the world will be a more welcoming place for everybody.


This is David & Alice from Columbia, SC and Six Seconds has given us tools for binding up some of the wounds of a broken world and connecting with others in significant ways.  Meeting you, hearing your story, and sharing in your wisdom has been a big part of our journey with EQ and inspired us to show up in ways we might not have otherwise.  

You’ve made a difference in our lives and we hope that you will have many more years to make a difference in the lives of those all around you.

I am Natalie, now in France. You, Anabel, inspire me to believe in myself and others to grow, to add humor and fun and …science! 
You inspire me to dream more and BE more, with compassion and confidence, and this has helped us create a vibrant EQ community in China.
Looking forward to celebrating your 100th birthday with a billion people practicing EQ
(I added a picture of one of my other super heroes 🙂

I’m Maria from California, and emotional intelligence has helped me learn how to feel. Growing up in a culture that didn’t teach me how to talk about or navigate emotions, I learned to stuff them down and suppress them. I thought showing emotion (other than happiness) meant failure. It’s a hard and bumpy road away from that ingrained pattern, but I’m learning slowly how rewarding and safe it can be to show who I really am… no matter how I’m feeling. Thank you to Anabel for helping to create this NEW culture where people can feel empowered to show who they really are and how they really feel.

Happiest 80th Birthday Anabel!!!   I am using the work of Six Seconds to create more inclusive cultures in organizations through the development of courageous leaders.  I’m also on the Board of Play for Peace, a non-profit whose global footprint is inspired by their mission to to bring together children, youth, and organizations in communities affected by conflict , using cooperative play to create laughter, compassion, and peace.  

My youngest daughter also shares your birthday!   
With Metta,

– Steve Proudman, USA

I’m Angela from Australia and practicing and sharing the power of EQ has helped me live into my purpose to unlock the greatness within us all, to create positive change.

Hi, my name is Liza and Six Seconds matters because they provide critical education and resources to empower people to become the best version of themselves, in turn to better help others and foster meaningful relationships in their lives.

– Liza, US

Happy birthday Anabel Jensen!

Six Seconds matters to me because people and the world are suffering, so we need people EVERY WHERE to connect and support a future for all


– Charles Wisa, Tanzania

I’m Paige from Connecticut; Practicing Emotional Intelligence has taught me to be more patient, and to “listen” to my emotions before allowing my thoughts and actions to get away from me. 
I’ve found my purpose in spreading EQ, and I look forward to helping raise funds to share EQ with children, through social media posts, to spread the word of Six Seconds’ fundraiser! 
Thanks to your team for the wonderful Six Seconds experience I had this year.
Wish for you all the happiness in the world.
– Antonella, Peru
I’m Alessia, from Italy. Noble goal is the most powerful driver I’ve ever seen. My NG is “co-create freedom to live the emotions” with which I’ve changed mine and other’s life. Thank you for your example.

Hi,  I’m Abigail from London and  Six Seconds matters to me because parents need to connect more with their children in order to raise a generation of caring / loving people who look out for each other. 

Happy 80th Birthday AJ 💓
Dear Anabel 
Six Seconds has truly inspired me and making optimal decisions has changed not only my life but that of my family …our conversations are more wholesome and we are ‘present’ for each other. 
For my clients it’s sparked their leadership potential, raised their adaptability with an enhanced ability to lead teams. 
Anabel thank you for your big vision, relentless optimism, open heart and for choosing the right person, Josh to lead us to the one billion.
God bless you with a longer, healthier & happier life.
Warm regards 
– Ramona from Ignus consulting, Singapore
It’s a great honour to know such wonderful and great personalities in my life and – Anabel Jensen I wish you Many Many Happy Returns of the Day – Happy Birthday and God Bless you and we all Celebrate together on the way to your 100th Birthday at some beautiful place on the fantastic universe !!
Our Best Regards to her and seek her blessings always !!
– Umesh Upadhye
Sharing this video to wish Anabel, a woman of substance, a super empowered role model.
Sudha, India

Six Seconds matters to me because it has taught me it’s so simple to live a happy and healthy life when you practice EQ every day. I want to spread this EQ learning to maximum people – children, adults and elders so the world can become a happy and safe place for everyone.

– Lata, India 

I’m Lynette from Ohio, and Six Seconds matters to me because I see everywhere the need for connection. Practicing emotional intelligence helps each of us attend to our own needs so that we can look for common ground and connect with others, and that is so needed in our world today!

Dear Annabel.
Blessed birthday!
I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of identifying and handling emotions from six seconds , in a world where emotions are often less important. Right now I’m using cards to help my two yr old grand daughter identify fear, then covering it with the umbrella of God’s care so that the face that peeps out now is no longer anxious but smiling!
Last night she had an ear ache. So when better we talked about what can help a face in pain

– Anita, India

Six Seconds matters to me because learning about EQ changed my life. I struggled throughout childhood and teenhood battling my unaddressed emotions, and learning to find peace and acceptance through EQ gave me new meanings and directions.
I realised there are so much misunderstood and unheard emotions because of ignorance – if only we learn to pause and listen to them, there will be more tolerance, less unnecessary unhappiness and more compassion, things that make the world a lot more beautiful.
So thank you Anabel! You are a loving and inspiring woman with a beautiful soul!
– Jane, Singapore

Hello Anabel,

I have joined lately Six Seconds and I am amazed to see that the vision you had in mind a quarter of a century ago is spreading like an extraordinary fire and reaching so many people in so many countries. I wish you a wonderful 80th Birthday, and I also wish I could be with you at your 100th Birthday in order to witness the one billion people practicing Emotional Intelligence.

This is the best thing that could help humanity in its fundamental evolution.

Joseph Chbat, Montreal
I’m David from Switzerland/South Africa and EQ is important to me because it has made me aware of myself to a degree that makes me want to be more for others, for myself, at work, at home and in my community.
Happiest of Birthdays Anabel!!! This might not be what you want to hear but I look forward to your 100th 😉 
With deep respect,
Happy birthday ANABEL
My name is Oyinkansola Alabi, Founder of Emotions City, Centre for Emotional Intelligence in Lagos, Nigeria.
I have become the voice that preserves what it is to be HUMAN in Africa just because of SIX SECONDS.
Thank you.
I am because you are.

I am Shailaja Khan from Dubai and feel blessed that I participated in a Six Seconds EQ Cafe in April this year. It was here that the vision for 2030 impacted me. Then, after completing Unlocking EQ, I began understanding my emotions and making an effort to be in the moment; remind myself that I need to respond calmly.

Wishing you wonderful celebrations at Six Seconds,

Warm regards,
– Shailaja, Dubai

from Ilaria

Anabel, “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Anabel, Happy birthday to you!”

I continue to be inspired by Six Seconds and what you are achieving with emotional intelligence in the world.  With gratitude, from Ann R, UK

Hello Anabel!

We’re Sarah and Azim from Saudi Arabia! EQ has helped us become more mindful of our patterns, taught us more on emotional literacy and self navigation! 

I “Sarah” have been practicing with my baby and husband at home and spreading awareness at work as well. 

Happy 80th BD Anabel and thank u for making what matters a global event 🙏

Best regards,
Sarah & Azim
I’m Abdullah from Albania, and practicing EQ helps me to discover and bring out the best from me.

Hi, This is Mithila from India.

Practising EQ has brought in more awareness- about myself and others, more peace, more harmony and more balance in my personal ecosystem.

And the most beautiful part – I realise that my ecosystem is simply growing, adding so many more people day by day!

To Anabel – this photo is me and my students with visual impairment celebrating World Children’s Day (and Vietnam teacher day) 🙂
Warm regards,
Happy birthday Anabel!! You are changing the world with your work. Many blessings your way.
– Molly Jensen

I am Francesca from Italy, and Emotional Intelligence helps myself and the world heal.
Day by day, it adds color, love and meaning to my life.

I am Kelli Tebbe and it has been my pleasure to work with you Anabel towards this goal.  Having you and Six Seconds in my life has changed my perspective and priorities towards becoming more optimistic and building stronger connections and relationships.  This is your legacy that I plan to continue to hand down to the many students, teachers, and other adults I work with daily.  This picture is from our first CPSEL trip and my first time in Baltimore.

I’m Allison from California and EQ has helped me be more aware, more intentional and more purposeful. I still have a ways to go and a lot to learn, but the more I practice EQ the closer I get to the target. 
Happy Birthday, Anabel!! You are an inspiration who is making the world a better place with every life you touch, including mine. 

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy!

Anabel, may the next two decades be filled with chocolate, optimism, and many many people practicing EQ so accountability & compassion so that ethical decisions will flood the globe.

For people who might be wondering… what this post is about… Dr. Anabel Jensen is the President of Six Seconds. Here is the story of how Anabel’s wish for her 100th birthday catalyzed a transformation of Six Seconds’ vision and strategy.

To learn more about the vision and how you can join, check out this intro to the EQ community.

Anabel, we didn’t have many chances to meet each other in person. Anyway, your presence was and is for me always clear. 

This is your superpower: people feel the connection with you even if distant. Thank you for everything and happy birthday!
– Lorenzo, Italy

Happy birthday Anabel! I look forward to your 100th birthday celebration. I think higher EQ is what we need in most organisations today, we have a long way to go, but Six Seconds is doing a great job in leading the way.
All the best,
– Sohrab 

A wonderful birthday greeting going to you Anabel Jensen on your 80th B-day.  May you enjoy your day and continue your diligent  work and hospitality world wide.
– Kadiatu Kamara, CEO – GRACE Foundation, Sierra Leone
Englais je ne connaît pas mais HBD (“I don’t know English but Happy Birthday!”) 
– Carole Annie, Cameroon

Happy and healthy long life, Anabel!!! I found purpose in life to promote EQ and spread peace.

Peace & Joy!

– Shabbir, USA 

I hear your voice of compassion and accountability everyday and will endeavor to secure it in all corners of the community. Bravo Anabel, Happy Birthday! 

– Todd, US

I am sending you lots of love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Austria!!

I would like to THANK YOU for being the inspiration in person, a role model of ‘walking the talk’ of EQ . Over the past 12 years, your strong believe in Exercise Optimism has taught me so much and clearly practiced this especially in challenging situations – and these days I can hear my son’s using the same words  Being part of the 6seconds family and 6seconds work matters a lot to me because I see, feel and hear how it impacts people in a positive way – and surely starts with ourselves.

Sending best wishes for a wonderful birthday with lots of celebration! Warmly, Maria

HBD Anabel. Enjoy – God bless you, your family & friends @ Six Seconds and beyond. Without EQ my life would be meaningless. I will have no reason to get out of Bed in the morning.

– Mansour, UK

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