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This week, in the United States, is the holiday of Thanksgiving: a time when people get together, share what they’re thankful for, and eat a lot of turkey. I knew I wanted to focus this week’s Illuminate on gratitude, and one of the activities from this month’s POP-UP Festivals reminded me of one of my favorite activities: writing thank-you notes.

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Thank-you letters may be the most mutually beneficial gift in the world.
According to a host of research studies, focusing on gratitude, which the writer of the thank-you letter certainly does, increases physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, and increased empathy. And the ones who receive the thank-you letter? In one research study, receivers of gratitude letters described their mood as ‘ecstatic,’ and the average ranking of happiness upon receiving the letter was a 4 or 5.

You get a boost, they get a boost.
Can you imagine how your world would look and feel if you expressed gratitude to the ones you loved more often?

Think of someone you are grateful for — a coworker, a mentor, a friend, a family member, your favorite bank teller.
Then, ask yourself: Why are you grateful to this person? Take a moment to put it down on paper. You can write, draw, doodle, or paint. The beauty is in the fact that you took the time to share your heart.

Deliver your gratitude letter. When you deliver your message, don’t be surprised if you make their day. I wouldn’t be surprised if this practice of gratitude makes your own day, too.


How did it feel to share your gratitude for someone else?
How could you weave an ‘attitude of gratitude’ into your daily life—a gratitude journal, regular thank-you notes, or…?
See you next week!

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