state-of-the-heart-2014What is the status of emotional intelligence in the world today? For the first time ever, a view of world-wide data on key strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats for EQ globally.

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Drawing on a database of over 75,000 assessments, a global sample was created to generate a balanced basis of comparison of EQ in 2011-2013, in the 3 regions of the world: APAC, AMER, EMEA.

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A few key findings:

 ico-stop-hand Globally, emotional intelligence is declining.
 ico-key The 2 key talents for 2014: Entrepreneurship and Imagination.
 ico-opposite Men and people over 40 have an edge.  Women & men, younger & older have OPPOSITE EQ strengths & weaknesses.
 ico-handshake EQ is a driver for sales & service. Two keys: optimism & intrinsic motivation.
 ico-rocket Top talents for innovation vary by region. EMEA: Proactivity, Connection. AMER: Data Modeling, Resilience. APAC Adaptability, Designing.
 ico-element  The world is short of Visionary brains – especially in EMEA
 ico-play In each world region, emotional intelligence is a key driver of performance, highly correlated with outcomes such as influence, decision making, quality of life, and health.



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