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Launching Illuminate online last week provided me with the opportunity to clarify my intentions. In particular, one of my intention is to weave certain threads of message into the tapestry of Illuminate. These messages I want to share with you are: wisdom lives within you, you have all the answers you need, and the world deeply needs your purpose. How can you weave the threads of your intention into the tapestry of your life? We will explore the tools + techniques to illuminate your own inner wisdom and purpose. If you’d like to receive this free gift of goodness in your inbox every week, subscribe here.

Have you heard the popular opinion that humans make 35,000 decisions a day? When I first saw that number, I thought it must be a typo. But think about it– we make decisions all the time. In the last 30 seconds alone, you made the decision to open this e-mail! (…thank you!) This number might overwhelm you: you have so many decisions to make today! But let the number also encourage you: you have 35,000 opportunities today to be more intentionally you.

In last week’s Illuminate, you identified a recent situation you wanted to clarify and answered these simple questions about it:

What are the thoughts?:
What are the feelings?:
What are the actions?:

This week, I ask you to move your TFA exercise from awareness to intentional action (from knowing yourself to choosing yourself). How can you use TFA to make better, more intentional decisions?

Let me introduce you to a thread that might help you weave more intention into your life. Where are you a little stuck and needing to make a decision in your life right now? This tool will help you decide how to move forward.

Choose a decision in your life for which you’d like some guidance. Now, identify your TFA about this situation:


Now, re-write your thoughts and feelings to what you would like to experience. Then, turn your attention to your actions — what action steps would help you feel those desired feelings and think those desired thoughts? What steps would you need to take to get there?

Hopefully, this tool will help you more intentionally Choose Yourself— a key pursuit of the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence.

What emotion(s) guided your decision today?

How did that emotion inform you about what was most important to you in your decision making?

What would you life look like if you listened to the wisdom of your emotions a little more often?

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Illuminate is a weekly e-mail series that provides practical tips + galvanizing inspirations for practicing an emotionally intelligent life. In our time together, we’ll operate from the assumption that you have all the wisdom you need inside of yourself + that you have a purpose the world needs to see. We will explore the tools + techniques to illuminate your own inner wisdom and purpose. If you’d like to receive this free gift of goodness in your inbox every week, subscribe here.

Maria Jackson

Maria Jackson

Program Manager at Six Seconds
Maria Jackson enjoys writing about the personal side of practicing emotional intelligence. Her noble goal is to “nurture inner illumination,” and she feel grateful to work and live in a world where she can practice daily. She shares stories, tips, and inspirations for living EQ in Illuminate, a free, weekly e-mail column (6sec.org/illuminate). She'd love to hear from you at [email protected]
Maria Jackson

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