parentingWelcome to the first episode of our podcast “Raising Humans”.  We are excited to share tips on parenting and exercises to help parents bring their emotional wisdom to bear on the process of raising humans. 

Have you ever wished you had a rewind button?

What happens when your kid just doesn’t want to adhere to the busy schedule you’ve created for them? Do they force their child to get in the car? Do you ever wish you could have a “do-over” when it came to how you handled things when conflicts arose? In this first episode, we hear a story from a parent about her child’s meltdown over going to gym class and how she handled it. We explore moments when a parent’s agenda for the day is out of sync with their child’s state of mind and health.

Remember that time when you found yourself yelling, or repeating some sage platitude your mother used to say when she was angry? There may not be a “do-over” button, but there is a “pause” button we can use to slow down and check in with our feelings before we say something we wish we could take back. The six seconds pause is a practice of focusing and calming your mind. How can emotional intelligence inform your responses and what are some ways you can pause and say what you want to say from a place of intention? These are some of the questions we explore on this inaugural podcast.

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