The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation. ~ AristotleRecognizingPatternsShell

Recognizing Patterns is one of the core competencies of “Know Yourself” in the Six Seconds Model.

Definition: Acknowledging frequently recurring reactions and behaviors.

Importance: Sometimes people assess new situations and respond carefully and thoughtfully, but frequently they run on autopilot, reacting unconsciously based on habit. In part it’s
because the human brain is wired to form and follow neural pathways. Left unconscious, these patterns can inhibit optimal performance because they are a generalized response rather than one carefully tailored to the current situation.

Recognizing Patterns helps you track and monitor your reactions – which is an essential step to managing them. Recognizing your own patterns will also help you see others’ – which will be invaluable in coaching others so they get off of autopilot as well. 


Articles about Recognizing Patterns

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