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What Sparks Your Strengths?


Here’s a beautiful, inspiring, totally free gift: SPARK. Ask colleagues, friends, and family to take a super-quick survey (just 3 questions) about you… and get a beautiful and inspiring Spark profile.

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Conflicting Stories of Employee Engagement


I was thinking back on a long career grappling with organizational change and striving to enhance employee engagement, both as a senior executive and then as an external consultant. I envisioned these two sides of my organizational persona meeting in a bar over a beer:  The executive side says, “You know, we’ve tried everything to […]

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Self Trust and New Year’s Resolutions


One step at a time… 26 miles later, some important lessons on self-trust. What does it take to commit to “running the race” (be it a marathon or any other resolution)?

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What About New Year’s Resolutions?


Traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” create unrealistic expectations and then giving up. Here’s a different approach, plus two fab free tools to make it work.

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White Paper: Increasing Employee Engagement at Komatsu


Can we increase Employee Engagement in an economic challenge? What’s the benefit? Case study at Komatsu plant using “Vital Signs” and “Emotional Intelligence”: engagement increased from 33 to 70%. At the same time, plant performance increased by 9.4%.

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1 Billion for Emotional Intelligence: Are you in?


We think the world would be a better place if 1 billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence. Do you? What would happen? Here’s our plan!

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Daniel Goleman’s New Focus


What’s your focus?  How do you decide?  Do feelings play a role? Daniel Goleman’s new book explores the research and practice of attention — which turns out to be a powerful tool to create positive change.  Here’s why he wrote the book – and why it matters to those of us committed to emotional intelligence. […]

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What’s The Change Maker’s Lab?


Six Seconds is a network of change makers working to improve schools, communities, businesses, families… lives. The Change Maker’s Lab is a collaborative event to work together on essential tools and resources to advance our individual and shared work. Here’s how:

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Sparks of Change


A few highlights from NexusEQ: 260 change makers. 80 presenters. 50 cases. 32 countries. 3 days overflowing with sparks for positive change. What did we learn about neuroscience, learning, change, and harnessing the power of emotions?

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Crossing the Gap: From Science to Practice


The value of emotional intelligence is established. Now: How do we actually use it? What does it look like to create organizational value (in business as well as in education and government organizations)? What are the essential ingredients?

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