Business – Case Studies

Using Team Vital Signs to Drive Change (2/26/2018) by Paul Stillman - How does a small business leader turn around a company and create a vital team? In this detailed case of organizational transformation, the key is emotional intelligence
Case Study Connected Leadership: Engaging for Performance (1/17/2018) by Paul Stillman - Case Study: Developing leadership to improve relationships and accelerate change is a key goal in many organizations, so what's the secret that helped 73% of leaders in this global tech company measurably improve?
CareerLink Case Study: Introducing a new organisational culture (12/21/2017) by Paul Stillman - Case Study to introduce a new organisational culture with comprehensive training driven by individual assessment data and insight generates positive results
Leveraging Talents for Performance: Momentum4 Case Study (11/28/2017) by guest - Lara Williams of Momentum4 brings us this case study to see how EQ tools in action can deliver positive outcomes to leadership training.
Hyundai Sets the Pace with Creative Thinking and Being Innovative Training (10/17/2017) by guest - To reach their strategic objectives, Hyundai's manufacturing team in Turkey identified a key need: Agility requires managers to build their creativity. To build those capabilities, here's how Hayatın Ritmi, Six Seconds' Partner in Turkey, is working with the company to ...
Case: Doubling Down on EQ Culture at ServRx (5/31/2017) by Joshua Freedman - It's “the classic problem” of a successful startup: The company was growing, but the culture was not. Here's how they used EQ to double their employee engagement and increase net profit by 110%.
Case: Emotional Intelligence for Hospitality at Restaurant Sunndays (4/24/2017) by Six Seconds - Can emotional intelligence training improve hospitality? This case study shows how building team work fuels employee engagement - which improves customer experience, and the bottom line.
Case Study: Amadori-EQ and Sales Performance (1/24/2017) by Rachel Goodman - A new case study, written by Giacomo Nottoli, Lorenzo Fariselli, Fabio Barnabè, Erika Paci in collaboration with Massimiliano Ghini, Joshua Freedman and Paul Stillman, shows dramatic impacts from EQ training on sales performance. Amadori is one of the leading companies ...
PizzaCo Case: Engaging the Power of Purpose (12/13/2016) by guest - How does a business find meaningful purpose? This business case describes the power of a leadership team discovering their "Noble Goal" as a catalyst for taking the business forward.
Case: EQ Team in Big Pharma (6/8/2015) by guest - In one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, a Key Accounts team on the verge of collapse implements a six-month learning and coaching intervention based on the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment and methodology. Following the intervention, emotional intelligence scores ...