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Komatsu, the world’s second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, faced a crisis of morale and engagement at its plant in Italy.


Situation: In the midst of a global recession, Komatsu’s manufacturing plant in Italy faced serious problems, especially low employee engagement.

Solution: Komatsu’s leadership team partnered with Six Seconds to develop a high impact program for its plant managers blending assessments, trainings and project-based learning, aimed at improving the climate.

Results: A remarkable increase in employee engagement of 112%. At the same time, plant performance increased by 9.4%.

“Having experienced the environment in the training, managers then worked to re-create this experience for others in the company. This is what drove the results and added value.”

Francesco Blasi

HR Director, Komatsu


Komatsu is the world’s second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment after Caterpillar. This case study focuses on a manufacturing plant in Italy just after a global recession. The recession and other issues had caused morale and engagement to suffer, and the leadership team recognized that changes needed to be made.


Komatsu’s leadership team partnered with Six Seconds to develop a customized, high impact program focused on managerial skills and improving employee engagement. The program focused on 24 second-line managers and utilized the Team Vital Signs assessment to gain actionable data. In the initial assessment, only 8.3% of the management team scored in the “Engaged” category, and the overall “Engagement Index” score was 33, which is below average. The program blended the assessments with trainings and project-based learning to involve managers in creating a new vision of engagement. At the end of the program, participants completed a post assessment to measure the results.




The overall Engagement Index increased by 112%




Percentage of disengaged team members declined 32%, from 41% to 9%.



After the intervention, plant performance increased by 9.3%.


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