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Capturing essential indicators of any team’s health, the TVS assessment delivers rapid, accurate insight into team climate – and offers clear feedback on the path to peak performance. Used worldwide at organizations ranging from Komatsu to Siemens, TVS is the best-in-class tool to measure and improve the people-side of team performance.

TVS equips your organization or clients to answer essential questions: Is your workgroup a team? What dynamics are moving you ahead – and what’s holding you back? What’s next for you to leverage your EQ to improve the people-side of performance and as a result, team performance? 

Why TVS?

The Team Vital Signs assessment is the ideal blend of insight and practicality – and it only takes 10 minutes.

TVS is a validated, statistically reliable research process to identify areas assisting and interfering with team performance. Just because a group of people is working together, they are not necessarily a team. The TVS identifies the areas where the group really is a team… and where they are not. Because the TVS dimensions are actionable, the results naturally lead to effective action planning for improvement.



Provides rapid, accurate into into team climate.

Pinpoints areas for the leader’s and team members’ attention.

Creates a shared vision of what it means to be a team.

Offers a clear path toward peak performance.

Utilizing the core Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, the TVS works perfectly with dozens of hours of published curriculum, hundreds of resources, and numerous hands-on tools for implementing EQ.

What is in the TVS?

The TVS begins with an executive summary, provides a snapshot of the team’s current engagement scores, and also provides an overall climate assessment based on the key drivers of performance and current performance outcomes. Finally, the TVS introduces a process-framework for action.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a report — or even better, request an opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief to experience the power of this tool.


Sample: Team Engagement Snapshot 

The TVS starts with a simple, clear introduction to team climate and its relationship to performance.

Sample: Employee Engagement Snapshot 

The TVS provides a snapshot of the current levels of team engagement. It gives an overall Engagement Index and a breakdown of the percentage of employees who are Engaged, Neutral or Disengaged.

Sample: Vital Signs Model 

Then the TVS introduces the Vital Signs model, which consists of the four factors that shape climate – Motivation, Teamwork, Change and Execution – plus an overlay dimension of Trust.

Sample: Overall Climate Snapshot

Using the Vital Signs model, the TVS provides a snapshot of the organizational climate – as well as of the key performance outcomes – Sustainability, Agility, Results and Satisfaction – that are driven by the 4 VS factors.


Sample: Critical Items and Breakdowns

Finally, the TVS finishes with details explanations the survey questions with the highest and lowest scores.


How to access the TVS?

For your enterprise: To experience the TVS for your organization, fill in the form below and tell us about your needs. We’ll connect you with a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner with deep expertise in your sector or application.

For your clients: As a professional working to develop EQ, add the VS toolbox to your practice for a reliable, practical, simple-yet-profound approach. Earn Vital Signs certification through:

Complete Unlocking EQ, Six Seconds’ introductory course, and then a live or virtual Vital Signs Certification, to become an expert in using this remarkable tool.

Read more about VS Certification, and/or see the schedule of upcoming EQ certification programs

Request a sample report and additional information here

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