Learn to assess the drivers of organizational performance; learn to use this invaluable toolset for consulting, training, and organizational transformation.

As described in the brochure, the VS Certification is available in our virtual/online training or in-person.

In this program you will learn to administer, interpret, and utilize the three Vital Signs tools:

LVS: Leadership Vital Signs — feedback on an individual leader’s ability to create a context for performance.

TVS: Team Vital Signs — assessment of “team-ness” and the capacity to achieve.

OVS: Organizational Vital Signs — assessment of organizational climate and key performance outcomes.

You’ll learn to speak to the robust Vital Signs Model — a compelling way to understand and discuss what it means to create performance.  Then, as you work with the VS tools, you’ll bring your consulting and learning expertise to bear to solve the challenges and measurably improve performance.

At Six Seconds, the solution includes strengthening emotional intelligence.  For EQ practitioners, the VS tools create a “bridge” to speak about people-performance in a very business-normal language, and then to bring in EQ as a solution to create change in these human dynamics.

Six Seconds is an International Coach Federation Business Partner featuring the VS Tools — and the VS Certification is accredited for ICF CCEs as well as Six Seconds ACE.


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