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Applying the power of the world’s leading emotional intelligence system to specialized applications with Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners

Built with our Preferred Partners, these custom tools apply the power of SEI to a specific area. From growing sales to spiritual connection, these powerful tools blend the robust psychometrics of the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment with the unique expertise of world-class experts in specific applications of EQ.

EQPlus® Motivation Profile

Measures how people intrinsically motivate themselves and how this directly affects their results; provides tips, deep insights and a powerful framework for increasing success.

SEI Leading Through Change

SEI-LTC measures a leader’s Change Readiness – and provides an AGILE Leadership framework for leaders to follow as they grow their EQ competence.

EQFIT Sales Profile

EQFIT Sales Profile measures what matters to grow sales – providing real-time data and a framework for growth toward peak sales performance.

Resilience Up Profile

The Resilience Up Profile measures resilience in a practical, actionable and personalized framework.

SEQ Profile

The SEQ Profile measures your current capacity to create a full, meaningful and connected life using spiritual and emotional insight.

Trust Style Inventory

Trust Style Inventory measures your Trust Style from three perspectives – and provides actionable tips to improve your ability to trust, be trusted, and leverage trust to build healthy relationships.

Know Presence Report

This custom emotional intelligence tool measures personal presence – that combination of confidence, credibility and connection that fuels successful relationships.

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