Lift Every Voice: The Global Forum on SEL & Antiracism

The Virtual Conference on Equity, Social Emotional Learning & Stories for a Shared Future

February 25-27, 2021, 10:30a-2p Eastern (world clock)


Experience using stories to support social emotional learning (SEL) & action for building community through an equity/antiracist lens.

Join social emotional learning (SEL) educators in an online story-sharing experience to weave personal, interpersonal and communal stories to create a collective narrative toward equity. Participate to learn practical frameworks and tools that can build connections across difference. 

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What are the stories that shape our understanding of who we are? Whose stories are part of “we” the people? Co-created by a coalition of SEL & equity leaders, the program will center Black & Brown voices and invite students and educators to open the possibility for expanding who we each call, ‘community.”

Special Guest


David Adams

Senior Director of Strategy, The Urban Assembly, Inc

Timothy Shriver, Ph.D.

Board Chair - Special Olympics & CASEL

Kamilah Drummond Forrester

Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College

Ru Freeman

award-winning Sri Lankan & American novelist

Dr. Karen Craddock

Co-Founder, The Wellness Collaborative, Inc, & Brown University

Gail Cruise-Roberson

Co-Director, National SEED Project, Wellesley College

Dr. Maria Akinyele

Founder, Agiri Learning

Aaryan Salman

President, Global Citizenship Foundation, New Delhi, India

İlayda Eskitaşcioğlu

Young Leader, UN Youth Envoy, Fellow, UNESCO Chair for Gender Equality

Dr. Yasmeen Al Balushi

National Leadership Project, Eitmad, Member, Board of Trustees, Muscat University

Martin Karadzhov

Young Leader - UN Youth Envoy, Board member, @ILGAWorlds

Felice Belle

Director of Marketing & Communication, Narrative 4

Dr. Tia Barnes

Asst. Professor, University of Delaware

Amber Coleman-Mortley

Director of Social Engagement, iCivics

Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Ed.D.

Associate Director, Tisch College SEL-CE Initiative, Tufts University

Lee Keylock

Director of Global Programs, Narrative 4

Dr. Lorea Martinez

Author, Teaching with the Heart in Mind

Michael Eatman

Founder, Culture7

Joshua Freedman, MCC

CEO & Cofounder, Six Seconds

Educators, students, and SEL practitioners are encouraged to attend for:

Story Sharing

Experience affirming SEL story-sharing processes that can promote understanding across difference & empathy


Take away practical discussion protocols, group processes, and dialogue rooted in social emotional learning, equity & antiracism education


Meet allies and connect to start ongoing support and action toward a community of equity

Equity-Centered SEL

Experience frameworks for using stories to support SEL, equity & antiracism education

Each day, we’ll work in small pods to explore individual perspectives, join a plenary session to experience a story framework and protocol in relationship, and then return to the pods to synthesize and apply learnings for community action. The three days follow three themes and utilize three SEL-Equity/Antiracism-Story protocols – February 25-27, 2021, 10:30a-2p Eastern (world clock)

Feb 25: Identity

Guiding question: Who am I? What is my journey of identity and race?

Protocol: Know, Choose, Give

Feb 26: Belonging

Guiding question: How do I belong? How does racism shape our relationships?

Protocol: Mirrors & Windows

Feb 27: Society

Guiding question: How is society shaping me, and vice versa?

Protocol: Story Exchange

Each day, guest panelists will join to introduce the story protocols and add insights on these themes. Youth artists, SEL coaches, and the program developers will support a rich and meaningful shared experience.

Lift Every Voice is a co-creation of leaders in SEL & Equity Education

The planning committee includes Kamilah Drummond-Forrester, David Adams, Maria Akinyele, Joshua Freedman, Lorea Martinez, Cherilyn Leet, Karen Craddock plus Deborah Donahue Keegan, Michael Eatman, Amber Coleman-Mortley, Tia Barnes, Victor Ferguson and additional allies.

The project is supported by partner organizations including: 


Conference Team

Here are more details about the speakers — and below, some of the mentors who will be supporting participants in this experience

Kamilah Drummond-Forrester MA, CAGS – Social and Emotional Consultant; Racial and Social Justice Facilitator, National SEED Project, Massachusetts, US

I am a first generation American of Jamaican parentage and identify as a Black cis-gender woman. I work to build the capacity of educators, nationally, to deepen their understanding of the inextricable connections between social and emotional learning and equity. My work is grounded in a spiritual and contemplative practice that centers healing, compassion and truth-telling as cornerstones to authentic transformation and bridge building.

David Adams – Senior Director of Strategy, Urban Assembly, New York, United States

Social-Emotional Learning expert and Urban Assembly Senior Director of Strategy David Adams began his time with the UA in 2014 as Director of SEL, creating the Resilient Scholars Program (RSP). David sits on the board of CASEL and is an author of The Educator’s Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence, and co-author of a chapter in the textbook, “Challenges to Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs in Organizations.”

Felice Belle – Narrative 4, Director of Marketing and Communications, New York, United States

Felice Belle consumes and creates stories to make sense of the world and her place in it. She is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the global nonprofit Narrative 4. As a poet and playwright, she has performed at The Apollo Theater, Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, and TEDWomen. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, an MA in Individualized Study from NYU Gallatin, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Long Island University.

Tia Navelene Barnes, PhD – Assistant Professor, University of Delaware Delaware, United States

I am a Black, immigrant, cis woman who is on a journey to learn more about myself and my identities. In my current role as an assistant professor I teach early childhood preservice teachers and conduct research on the social emotional well-being for minoritized populations. I am also the creator of the Scholarly Self-Care podcast that focuses on supporting adult SEL. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and playing with my little ones.

Lorea Martínez, PhD – Author, Teaching with the HEART in Mind. California, United States

Dr. Lorea Martínez is the award-winning founder of HEART in Mind Consulting, a company dedicated to helping schools and organizations integrate SEL in their practices, products, and learning communities. As a Hispanic, white, and first generation college graduate, Dr. Martínez helps educators to teach and lead with heart, so they can create the conditions for young people to thrive. Her new book, Teaching with the HEART in Mind, is currently available. Learn more at

Gail Cruise-Roberson – Co-Director, SEED Project, New York City and Wellesley, MA

I am one of 3 Co-Directors of the SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). which creates conversational communities that drive change. I train people to co-facilitate groups of their peers in year-long seminars exploring individual identity and how systems impact us all as a way to change them for greater equity and inclusion. As an African American woman, I share my stories around race, class, ability, gender, sexual identity, etc. to help others access their own.

Dr. Karen Craddock – Co-Founder, The Wellness Collaborative Inc. & Tribal Member in Residence, Brown University

I am a Black Native Indigenous woman and psychologist. Centered on equity, wellness, partnership with and within focus BIPOC communities. Grounded in social-emotional, resilience models exploring the integration of mind-body wellbeing. Situated in interdisciplinary inquiry/practice at the intersection of wellness and learning. Anchored in culturally informed strengths and ancestral wisdom. Inspired as a writer, researcher, practitioner and facilitator emphasizing the healing arts to further my mission to interrogate inequity, alleviate pain and elevate joy.

Yasmin Al Bulushi – Project Manager, Etimad- National Leadership Program (Oman), Muscat, Oman

Dr. Yasmin Al Bulushi, the first female dean in the private higher education in the Sultanate of Oman is an educationalist who is passionate about making change in people’s life through education. currently the Project Manager for “Eitmad”, A National project. She is also the founder and owner of “The Pause consultancies” which provides consultancies in developing human capacity and enhancing quality systems.

Amber Coleman-Mortley – Director of Social Engagement, iCivics, Maryland, United States

I am a Black woman elevating diverse voices and perspectives in civic education. A former athletic coach and classroom teacher, my work continues to center student voices. Currently, my work creates space for my youth fellows to analyze and challenge inequities in their civic learning. As a parenting expert, I have garnered national recognition in print and online media for the work with my daughters, modeling how to discuss challenging topics as a family.

Michael Eatman, CDP – Founder, Culture7coaching, Massachusetts, USA

I’m a black man building bridges across cultures in an effort to create communities built on mutual respect and collaboration. I work with individuals and organizations across the world in developing the necessary competencies to combat systems of oppression and thrive in increasingly challenging times.

Lee Keylock – Director of Global Programs, Connecticut, USA

I am the Director of Global Programs at Narrative 4 and oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of programmatic development and training. I am a white, cis man that brings youth together from diverse communities in order to foster empathy, better understand one another, break down barriers and shatter stereotypes. Through our story exchange model I aim to attempt to disrupt single, damaging narratives and foster more inclusive and empathetic communities.

Froswa’ Booker-Drew, PhD Vice President, Community Affairs and Strategic Alliances Texas, United States

I am a Black CIS Woman who is committed to the power of relationships and building diverse networks for change. In my work, I focus on changing the narrative in philanthropy through equitable giving and centering the voices of those most impacted by funding decisions. I also use as a lens relational cultural theory, social and community cultural capital. I recognize that I am still learning and look forward to growing and developing with others.

Emmy Howe M.Ed – Co-director – The SEED Project Massachusetts, United States

I am an old white lesbian: queer and gender expansive. I was a classroom/shop teacher/coach for 15 years and the LGBTQ family liaison in the city of Cambridge for 10. I have been involved in antiracist and LGBT inclusive education for the last 40 years. Currently, working in community at the intersection of the arts and social justice is where I am finding ground. I am excited to be part of this SEL Social Justice journey.

Joshua Freedman, MCC – CEO, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, California, USA

I’m working toward an emotionally intelligent world – one heart at a time… starting with my own. I’m an author, a dad, a teacher & a leader. I’m a white cis man working to understand my own identity & use my privilege to foster equity spaces. I work all over the world with highly diverse communities, but only recently have I begun to grapple with my own positionality & ways I can disrupt racial, gender, age and other inequities in my own heart, and thereby in my work & community.


In addition to the speakers, “Lift Every Voice: The Global Forum on SEL & Antiracism” is made possible by mentors who will collaborate with participants. Everyone will be part of “home groups” to build community, and, in a brave space, work together to cocreate value in this experience.

Aleasa Word, CEQP, CEQA CEO, A. Word & Company Atlanta, GA

Aleasa Word is a diversity strategist, certified emotional intelligence practitioner, coach and speaker. Her style is driven by authentic, engaging deep dive conversations reframing limiting beliefs and empowering others. As part of the BIPOC Community, she utilizes both education and life experience to help clients with authentic transformation. Her background includes a BS in Organizational Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership, Trauma-Informed Approached, and Conflict Resolution.

David Corcoran, ACC – Six Seconds Network Leader,  Vienna, Austria

David is an Executive Voice Coach and Career Mentor, based in Vienna, Austria. Originally Australian, David is a former Opera Singer who performed with Opera Australia for 8 years. He has degrees in Psychology and HR and is an ACC with the ICF. In 2017, David commenced his training in EQ with Six Seconds and has been a Network Leader for the organization since.

Sharon Deal, Founder, Who am I Foundation, South Africa

Sharon is a white South African lady who is an authentic courageous leader. She has a passion to work with individuals, families, teams and organisations to lead from a place of Authenticity. She believes that when we have settled all of “”Who we are”” we can get on with the important part of walking in destiny and purpose, making a difference in this world. She builds cultures of brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts. Know Yourself – Lead from the place!

Venita Welcome, MS, LPC – President, Christian Wellness Center of NJ New Jersey, United States

I’m an African American woman at a young age I became aware of racial injustices & poor health care services in my community. As a Christian I work within my community with churches to identify and eliminate religious mental health stigmas as well as providing affordable counseling & education services to communities of color.

Issac M. Carter, PhD – Founder, Coaching Imperative, Miami, FL

Issac M. Carter, Ph.D. is a Critical Educator, EDI Strategist, Life Coach, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Certified EQ Practitioner, BIPOC Whisperer, Black Male Feminist, Organizer, and Musician. Issac helps individuals and institutions understand, embrace, and leverage diversity by developing D&I strategy, team building, emotional intelligence, and one-to-one cultural agility coaching. Dr. Carter is the co-editor of the forthcoming volume Unhooking from Whiteness, Sense, 2021.

Giedre Skupiene – Founder “Gyvenimo Raktas” (the KEY), Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m the human being whose life purpose is to awaken humans hearts that we all understand that we create our lives and each of us can support in this others. Often it’s starts from respect, that others have the right to see the world differently, can look differently, that for them something different is most important. When we connect and try with curiosity understand each other, we can find a lot in common and build the world as a place where we all have space and can lift each other higher.

Dr. Ajené Wilcoxson, EQAC, EQPC – Founder, Potentiality, California, USA

As a Black man, my experiences, as a descendant of African slaves, have led me on a continual self-discovery path. Such discovery involves understanding the who and the why. This examination uncovers the mirror and exposes biases, challenges, as well as the light of purpose. The journey focuses on developing a spiritual and emotional mindset that is awakening, healing, and transformational.

Priyal Thakur, M.Eng in Bioengineering, EQAC,EQPC – Self Employed EQ and Resilience Coach, Entrepreneur, CA, USA

I am an Indian female living in California for the past 8 years. I spent my last year working in Shanghai, China and fostered very diverse cross-cultural connections. Building long lasting relationships is inherent to my nature. My noble goal is to increase human consciousness and help people practice emotional intelligence skills on a daily basis. My goal is to create an impact in the global community by offering authentic safe spaces for everyone and build empathy, collaboration and trust.

Ruth Whiteside, M.Ed. – Director, Children’s Emotional Language and Thinking (CEL&T), Northumberland, UK

Having worked in schools with a diverse community, I find myself questioning how I might be subtly – or not so subtly – part of the problem of division and bias. I want to be able to work in a more equitable society, and that has to start with my own reflections on my privileged role in society as a white, middle-class and (nearly!) middle-aged woman living in the UK in 2021.

Irene Riad, ACC, EQCC, CQC – Executive & Systemic Team Coach, Preston, UK

Irene is an EQ Certified Coach by Six Seconds and a CQ Certified Assessor & Facilitator by CQC, passionate about leadership & career development in universities & organizations. She is a also an ICF Associate Certified Coach and is a Certified Executive Coach by EMCC & AoEC. She is culturally tuned to differences due to her expat life and describes her purpose as making a difference in people’s lives, focusing their sight on their dreams & sparking their curiosity & boldness to step forward.

Ashley Tucker, MST – Dean, New York City Department of Education Brooklyn, New York

I am a Black woman who teaches Black students on purpose. As I work to unlearn and work through the harm caused by lack of representation in my own educational experiences, I intentionally create spaces for my special education students to feel valued, respected, and affirmed. A former SEL program director, I currently serve as the SEL coach of my school. In this role, I prioritize and create opportunities for reflection, self-care, connection, and joy for all stakeholders.

Dr. Sharon Gainforth, CEQP – Director, Dr. Sharon Gainforth, New Brunswick, Canada

Dr. Gainforth is committed to promoting the well-being of her clients by enhancing their EQ. Her experience with children with ASD and passion for inclusive SEL programs resulted in a research study, which implemented an adapted version of the Self Science (6Seconds) SEL program. The typically developing students, as well as their peers with ASD improved their SEL skills based on pre/post assessments. Dr. Gainforth developed an online course, Unlimited Potential (UP). UP empowers parents to intentionally support their child’s EQ though knowledge, strategies, and content.

May Duong, ACC, MBA – Director of SEL, Synapse School, California, USA

Born of Chinese descent in Viet Nam during the War, May is an Asian American cis woman interested in creating a world where all can thrive because of our differences, not in spite of it. May directs the social-emotional learning (SEL) program and co-leads the equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts (EID) at Synapse School. In her work, May seeks to support individuals to embrace who they are; and through this inner peace, help to co-create the conditions for a compassionate and thriving world.

Mucha Mlingo – Managing Director, PTS Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

I am a black African woman passionate about transforming the narrative across my beautiful & yet so often fragmented continent. I am on a mission to leverage Emotional Intelligence to help promote diversity & inclusion and foster equity

Karla Garcia Teruel MBA MS – Founder Growth Empowered, New York, United States

I’m a Mexican female whose passion is to create flourishing societies through impact initiatives through building emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing. I work as a personal and team development coach working to help people shift perspectives, build self awareness and shift perspectives to manage change, harness opportunities and obtain the growth and impact they seek.

Insia Shoaib Haveliwala – Special Educator | Six Seconds Network Leader, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I’m a Muslim South Asian cis woman. Being a minority I want to use my experiences, voice, and passion for SEL to empower the diverse communities I work with. My current profession involves working with special education students that are part of a diverse community; this position has give me the resources to question my own identity, position and ways I can disrupt racial, gender, age, disability, and other inequities.

Joseph AlHaddad – Leadership Development Consultant, Qatar, Doha; Lebanese origin

An individual with a dream to re-ignite humanity on this planet. We have been consumed by our day to day life, we no longer have time to connect and appreciate each other. Through EQ and NLP, I hope I will one day be able to spark this thought into people’s mind. I strongly believe in the power of EQ and have worked with fresh graduates and Executives in many industries including aviation and healthcare.

Marianne Vaive, EQCC – Owner M&M Coaching, New Mexico, United States

Marianne Vaive is a Certified Coach trained with Six Seconds.  Helping others has always been an important part of her life.  Armed with curiosity and the knowledge that everyone has their own voice, she aims to empower others to believe in themselves.   Marianne enjoys watching colorful sunsets, hiking in the mountains, rollerblading, making pies, and spending time with her family.  Marianne believes everyone has the power to create their own path and always to enjoy the journey.

Mary Gioffrè – EQ Facilitator & Program Manager, Six Seconds Italia, Milan, Italy

I’m a white woman and I’m currently based in Italy. Before working as Coach and EQ facilitator, I worked as ESL teacher in Cambodia and Turkey and lived in different countries.  In Istanbul I was also a board member of an international organization promoting women’s empowerment and fighting against gender-based violence. I’m passionate about solo traveling and social enterprises and my noble goal is to support people discover their inner and outer world with courage and kindness.

Polina Kotseva CEO, FUNtazia International LTD, Varna, Bulgaria

I’m working for years now in Bulgaria with leaders in education and parents, and develop a strong EQ and SEL community, supporting it by creating several EQ and SEL resources, initiatives, events. Being also a mother of 3 kids, recently I created also the project “Bulgarian mother in the business” aiming to reduce gender and parent inequalities and disrupting the bias against women, mothers, parents – that they’re not “good enough” to be hired, to be equally paid for their work and etc.

Debbie Hatzivassiliou – Founder/CEO WorkWise, Greece

Founder of WorkWise, a Training & HR consulting firm. Have had the privilege to have trained over 65K people in my tenure of all company levels and diverse communities and have been involved in numerous consulting and coaching projects. I am grateful to have the chance to make my hobby, my job.I am grateful to be able to offer so much and receive even more. I am grateful for every aha moment I have experienced and for all the aha moments I facilitated. I am grateful.

Janet Miller Evans, PCC, EQCC – Founder & CEO, Entevos California, United States

I am an American woman, a descendant of African slaves. I am grateful for the opportunities that provide a platform for me to amplify my voice to help dispel the myth of race through education and coaching, and compassion. I am a lifelong learner, and I am learning how we are more alike than we are different from my work around the world. Regardless of our nationality, ethnic group, gender, or age, equitable treatment, inclusion, and belonging are high in importance on our lists.

Vanessa DellaPasqua, ACC, EQCC – Principal, Jamboree Coaching, California, United States

Vanessa DellaPasqua, EQCC, ACC, is an ICF Certified Coach with 150+ hours of EQ specific training with Six Seconds, the global leader in Emotional Intelligence development. With a background in engineering and business, Vanessa’s coaching practice focuses on transitions and transformations, whether they happen on the outside or on the inside. Her approach to coaching is to create value for individuals through their self realization, both professional and personal.

Jim Vaive – Regional Network Director, Six Seconds, Ohio US

As a successful business owner for 30 years, Jim Vaive speaks the language of CEOs and uses his personal experience to connect with decision-makers in the business arena. Jim completed extensive training in Spiritual Direction, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Coaching, and is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)

Sandra Haddad – Business Consultant and Certified Facilitator, Tandem Runner Beirut, Lebanon

Sandra’s passion is helping individuals fulfil their utmost potential. Combining her 18 years of experience & her belief in the need for a human-based approach in the workplace, she has become a certified EQ assessor, consultant & facilitator. Being a member of BeUnsettled & the Lebanese League of Woman in Business & her intensive work experience helped her widen her scope of interaction with people, deal with various challenges, and improve her communication skills in multicultural environment.

Anita Torres, ICF-ACC, CPTD Certified Executive Coach, Passion Powered Coaching & Consulting, LLC Florida, United States

I am a Latina and branded by clients as Anita, the Passionista. I have worked in the talent development field for over 20 years toning down my Puerto Rican-ness to fit-in to any group or workplace. No more! I know better now through my own journey. Today, my passion is to guide leaders to communicate authentically and inclusively, and to reveal their own narratives of identity and self-awareness that leads to highly engaged teams. That is what makes a leader in these times worth following.

Ayaka Mawary – EQ Facilitator, Founder, DAIJOUBU Yokohama, Japan

I am a Japanese woman, currently live in Japan and the U.S. back and forth, a single-mother of two children. Though I have never thought about the racism in my home country, I’ve felt sad, hopeless and helpless innumerous times in gender and seniority. Since I’ve come to the U.S. quite often, finally I’ve encountered the racism as well. As an EQ learner and practitioner, I try to bring hopes and purposes into education sector to brighten the future.

Joanna Brewster, EQCC, EQPC, EQAC – Owner, Heart Talks Vancouver, Canada

As a white female and a mom of biracial children I am dedicated to continuing to learn and examine my own privilege, to incorporate social justice into my work and to lift all voices and disrupt all “ism’s”. As a Six Seconds certified emotional intelligence coach, practitioner and assessor, my work seeks to foster deeper connections, with self and others, for better understanding and relationships. I strive to open minds for broader perspectives and increased empathy, love and kindness.

Veronica Barber, EdD – DRIVE, OD/Culture Consultant, EQ Coach Massachusetts, United States

As an innovative, strategic, thought leader with over 15 years of executive level HR and operations experience, my white privilege became exceedingly obvious the higher I rose in organizational life. However, my true personal journey began at St. John Fisher College, a school with a strong DEI focus. I was guided in a loving way by some incredibly strong men and woman of color, who patiently helped me to “open my eyes.” My eyes are now open but my learning will last a lifetime.

Daniel Lieberman, MA ABS, PCC – Executive Leadership Coach, Valuable Leadership, Washington State, USA

I am an old Jewish white guy, leadership coach and organization consultant. I use my gifts to elevate people and leadership to strengthen compassion, tolerance, and the sense of duty to create belonging and opportunity. I aspire to mobilize velocity and durability to repair our world of barriers, imbalance, and pain.

Victor Ferguson – Optimal Wellness Community LLC, Maryland, United States

I am a powerful black male in my mid 30’s that is an expansive community builder that educates various communities on elements of wellness. I’m a huge believer in how much EQ can change the world and create space for amazing amounts of empathy. Allowing a place for us to be guided using emotional intelligence to heal wounds created by equity gaps is powerful. Having the technology to facilitate those spaces is necessary to that success and this conference helps to deliver this technology.

Elena Berdnikova – Founder “Elab – Laboratory of Emotions,” Kyiv, Ukraine

I am white female working on disrupting any kind of inequities.

Matt Vaive – Coach, MM Coaches, Albuquerque NM, United States

Matt Vaive is an EQ Practitioner, with certifications in Assessor, Facilitator, and EQ Coach. One of his goals is to help spread EQ across the globe by starting in his own community.  He likes to stay active with hiking in the mountains and or cycling

Karla Campbell, PCC, PMP. PROSCI Executive Coach and Business Consultant/Principal and Founder California

Karla Campbell helps organizations create the leadership for today and tomorrow. Karla’s approach is rooted in her belief that “the answers are always in the room and the magic is in the mess”. By combining her services, Planning and Strategy, Change Management with Emotional Intelligence Training, Facilitation, Leadership, and Executive Coaching, Karla delivers a complete solution to any organizational or individual challenge.

David Edwards, MPhil – Software Programme Manager, CityFibre Ltd, Birmingham, UK

I’m a white, British male. Currently residing in the UK, I’ve previously lived in foreign communities across Europe and the Americas, where more often than not I found myself a welcome and honoured guest. Harnessing such cherished memories, I now strive to encourage such experiences in all of my human interactions, honouring every individual and community. My noble goal is to cultivate compassionate connection.

Lata Singh Dasila – Director, Meraviglia EQ Academy Pvt Ltd, India

Lata is founder-director of Meraviglia EQ Academy, and apart from leading a global team of Kids and Parents Life Coaches that she has trained and certified, she enjoy creating the best coaching tools and material for children, coaches, educators, leaders, trainers, and individuals. She is a Certified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Assessor & Educator, and NLP Practitioner with 18+ years of IT Industry experience.

Tekena Ikoko, MBA – CEO, MouldAfrica, Saint John, NB, Canada

I am beautiful and black. Two words that seem contradictory for an African man. So I hold dear to my heart, the possibility that emotional intelligence can bridge the racial gap and foster better communities. It is my hope that as I light my candle, it would give permission to others to light theirs, and more importantly, no one would need to shut out their candles. We need each other and I am glad to be part of this conference.

Barbara Galli, PCC – ICF coach Founder of Talent Up, Co Founder of ICAN!, Six Seconds Network Leader, Italy

I am a white woman, I live in Italy and I work to promote the power of diversity. My noble goal is to get every talent that people and organizations have, to shine! Diversity to me means variety of perspectives, approaches, solutions. I deal with children, adults, managers, housewives, entrepreneurs, people from all Countries, with various scopes and interests. I leverage professional coaching, advisory, emotional intelligence, SEL and artificial intelligence to train behaviuors.

Tinia R. Merriweather, Ph.D. – Ethics Teacher, Ethical Culture Fieldston School – NY, USA

Tinia R. Merriweather, Ph.D. is an applied developmental psychologist. Her focus is at the intersection of psychology and education – connected to both SEL and DEI. Tinia teaches in the Ethics Department at Fieldston, and she adjuncts in the Department of Applied Psychology at NYU. With 25 years of experience, she has taught at all levels from elementary through grad school and has held a variety of leadership positions. Tinia aims for scholar-activism in achieving equity and justice in schools.

Michaelle Plotner, M.ED; EQAC-E Reading Specialist – PA Public School / EQ Network Leader, Pennsylvania, United States

As a reading specialist with 36 years of experience, Michaelle intentionally practices SEL skills through meaningful literature discussions. She is an EQ Assessor with Six Seconds, a Network Leader, and a Coach with ICF accredited training. Michaelle is a parent of two children adopted from India who seeks to understand the systemic social inequalities in our society. Her passion is sharing the practice of EQ to nurture the full potential of every individual.

Gerald Bush – Chief EQ Officer, GBKB Consulting, Indiana, US

I am Chief EQ Officer for GBKB Consulting, an EQ, management and leadership-consulting firm. I have spent 20+ years in corporate America leading change management, DE&I, leadership development, employee engagement/retention, and labor strategies that resulted in organizational transformation. I am an EQ Practitioner, EQ Certified Coach, ICF Certified Coach, Certified Trainer/Facilitator and SHRM-SCP. I am an African American male using EQ as a vehicle to foster conversation and engagement.

Libby Edmonds – Eqlibrium, South Africa

I am a white privileged female who was raised in apartheid South Africa. My 30 years of teaching was rich and varied from Independent private schools to state rural schools. I experienced the inequality in our South African education system and was inspired by the words of Nkosi Johnson, ‘Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are,’ and started the first preschool in a rural area. As a EQ facilitator I hope to inspire individuals to find and live their truth.

Carey-Lyn Kurten, BEd Hon – Founder & Owner of Mila, South Africa

I am a middle-aged white South African woman who grew up during Apartheid and have spent a great deal of my adult life grappling with some essential questions that emerged out of my experiences. 27 years of my adult life have been walking the road of ‘post apartheid’, where policy makers attempt to right the wrongs of the past and change the hearts and minds of the people. A powerful place to have lived and reflected when your focus is Resilient Leadership and deep meaningful conversations.

Norma C. Garcés – Facilitator for Six Seconds and E3, Mexico City, Mexico

I am a Mexicana. Mother and educator. I am on a continuous journey to decolonize my heart, body, and mind. I am a believer of education for liberation. As educator my vision has been to ensure the brightest future for every student and to create spaces for families, students, and educators where they feel they can connect, they can relate and that they know they belong. I am currently attending Columbia University.

Shailaja Khan, SPHR, SHRM- SCP – HR Consultant & Executive Coach, Visible HR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am a Indian HR Consultant and Executive Coach. Our family of four moved from Mumbai to Dubai nearly 26 years ago – so the UAE, a melting pot of over 150 nationalities is now our home! Building lasting relationships both personal and professional is intrinsic to me – the process has increased my cultural awareness, sensitivity to others, patience and empathy. As I strive to make deeper connections, I try to be in the moment, keep an open mind and be my authentic self.

Peter Hoover – Founder, Appleseed EQ, Ohio, USA

Hi! I am Peter Hoover (he/him), former science teacher, now an emotional intelligence consultant. Near and dear to my heart is the Prayer of Peace. In my work, I seek to anchor non-judgment and compassion for all people and identities. I am here to ask questions, dive to the depths and listen. Through empathy, we can take the first step to connection, healing and justice. Together with you all, I seek to create safe spaces and facilitate authentic communication that uplifts every voice.

Nokubonga Mbanga – Founder, Self Insights, South Africa

I am a black South African female. I am a Coach, Speaker, Author, Logotherapist and I use my expertise and experiences to disrupt gender inequalities and racism. I have over 20 years experience in developing talent in organisations and communities. I believe that deep inside every person there is a desire to live a meaningful life, to have purpose, to live an inspired life and make a difference.

Zahir Shaik – Director Think EQ, South Africa

Zahir is from Indian and Malay decent who lived through apartheid South Africa and understand racial inequality first hand. Through dedication and perseverence, he obtained a masters degree in management coaching. I strongly believe that working with people’s natural strengths to overcome areas of development, learning through participation and interactive discussion creates a sense of self-reflection, self-awareness and transformation of self and societies.

Michele Royan, M.A. – Founder, Michele Royan Consulting, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona

I am a white baby boomer woman/coach drawn to search my own background and experiences for clues as to how to create and maintain safe spaces for all. I feel called to connect with others to lean into meaningful conversations of the heart , leading to positive change through action..

Mahama Nyankamawu, MPA – CEO, Breakthrough Paths, California, USA

I am a black cis man passionate about promoting inclusion and belonging. I help organizations develop and implement sustainable initiatives that facilitate the well-being and prosperity of their employees. On a personal note, I am working to reveal and understand my own biases and to challenge my brain’s default/automatic tendencies so that I can be inclusive and an effective advocate of DEI in the world.

Pamela Williams – Leader at Amazon, Tennessee, USA

A native Memphian with over 32 years of management experience in Operations and Human Resources, Pam is the Vice Chair for the Organization of Black Aerospace Professional (OBAP), as well as a certified in Emotional Intelligence practitioner. She also serves on the Women in Aviation FAA Advisory Board (WIAAB). Pam enjoys spending time with her family, reading, mentoring, and coaching individuals on life skills and favorite quote is: “Don’t let anyone steal your joy!”

Veronica Jensen, EQCC, ACC – L&D Professional, Coach, and Voice-Over Actor, Nevada, USA

Veronica is driven by the belief that we grow best in relationship with one another and enjoys examining what it means to live into every dimension of the full human experience together. As an L&D professional, EQ Coach, MBTI Master Practitioner, and student of somatics & applied improv, Veronica has coached & facilitated SEL programs both inside and outside of organizations. As a white cis woman, she strives for continuous learning and favoring action in promoting equity and belonging.

Matt Perelstein, EQDude – CEO, EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. California, USA

I/we have been teaching EQ for over 35 years — to individuals, couples, families, schools and businesses — but social equity has never really been an issue, until now. Since the BLM movement, I’ve come to realize how badly we have treated blacks in the past, and present. Like with all EQ, it only takes a second to change a heart and mind, so I want us to inspire that systemic change, in the USA and worldwide.

Antonia Ferrier – Consultant/Founder, Definitive Management Solutions Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago

Born, raised, and resident in the Caribbean, I am always proud to say I am a “true, true Trini”. Trinidad & Tobago’s racial and ethnic diversity is resident in me. I have a little bit of just about everything, and down here I’m simply described as a “red woman”. Professionally I’m rated as a gifted Strategy Consultant and Performance Coach. Having exited corporate life after nearly 30 years — I now work to make a difference for small businesses and to redefine the role of women in business.

Toney A. Olton – Principal Consultant, Christ Church, Barbados

Toney has worked across most of the Eastern Caribbean, Bermuda, and Ottawa, Canada. He is highly regarded as a trainer, facilitator and coach who works easily with diversity of individuals and audiences. He brings a deep commitment to pursuing his own personal excellence and enabling others in recognizing and optimizing their potential

Jennifer Lee – Founder TransformED Coaching & Consulting, Berlin, Germany

I believe that education and emotional intelligence are necessary foundations for equity. Anti-oppression advocacy has continually been the driving force of my career and, as a white educator, it is lifelong work that is always unfolding. My focus as a teacher and an educational consultant is to position equity and SEL as the guiding force of school governance, curriculum, and culture. My research and practice focus on human rights-based education as a framework for re-situating school culture and practices towards liberation, belonging, and engagement for every student.

Tabatha Marden –  Emotional Intelligence Coach & Practitioner, Tabatha Marden, LLC, Peoria, Arizona

Tabatha is a EQ Practitioner + Social Emotional Wellness Coach, a Mental Health Advocate, and specializes in Speech Therapy. Due to the epidemic stress in the world and anxiety being at it’s all time high, Tabatha is passionate about helping people have a better relationship with their emotions, stress less, and experience more happiness.

Skye King, MS, MPH – SVP, Ogilvy; Founder, Geode Lifeworks, San Francisco, CA

Skye King, MS, MPH has worked at the intersection of behavior science, health, technology & wellness for more than 20 years. As a founder (Geode Lifeworks) and SVP (Ogilvy) in San Francisco, she empowers innovators & entrepreneurs to achieve their organizational & professional goals. Skye is particularly passionate about helping people to develop & express their authentic selves, reach & engage their audiences, & develop purpose-driven solutions for their personal and business challenges.

Princess Ayers-Stewart, JD, LLM – President and Chief Consultant, Ayers-Stewart Group, LLC; Director, Workforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, REI, Seattle, Washington

I am committed to clear, vibrant and authentic communication and enjoy creating access to opportunity, connecting people and cultivating inclusion. I am a Black woman by culture and community and African-American by ancestry. As of 2020, I am someone’s granny y’all! It has transformed my world view. My Afro-Latina granddaughter inspires me to bravely and boldly evolve the race conversation with love, faith, determination and resilience. She is powerful.

Julie Binter – Internal and External Leadership Coach & Educator, Arizona, USA

I’m a white cis woman in my late 40’s who grew up in a family and community that did not respect differences. Learning about emotional intelligence helped me own my privilege and choose my new story. As a facilitator, I hope to create space for others to discover and tell their story so we can learn, connect and disrupt the status quo.

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For effective, evidence-based development, Six Seconds publishes a system of emotional intelligence tests yielding practical, actionable insights.

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