The Connection Challenge

Instead of “Social Distancing” we’re “physically distancing… together”

The Connection Challenge Rules

The Connection Challenge is a fun and powerful way to strengthen our solidarity — let’s make this a time of “physical distancing” and not “social distancing”


1. Every day, for 10 days, connect with someone far away. Ask them about some of their feelings. Share some of yours.


2. Post on social media – what did you experience by connecting and sharing feelings?

Extra points for a picture showing the virtual connection

Add the hashtags and the link to this page #ConnectionChallenge #PhysicalDistancing


3. Nominate a friend to join the challenge.


That’s it!

When you’re finished, come back here and post a comment about what happened. We think it will change your feelings, change your life, change the world. Does it?

Why it matters

We’re living in a time when people feel more lonely and disconnected than ever before. Then along comes COVID-19, challenging the world – and maybe bringing us together? We can amplify the good by focusing on that connection. Connecting heart to heart. Connecting across boundaries. Connecting around the globe as one humanity trying to be more healthy and vibrant. Spreading caring — and showing that love is more contagious than any virus.

As the organization working to support ALL people to grow and practice emotional intelligence — at Six Seconds we know that emotions connect us. Emotions are universal human language and a power that brings us together to pay attention to what matters. Studying the neuroscience of emotions helps us learn how they work, and how we can be “smarter with feelings.”

Learn more about emotional intelligence. Check out the free and low cost Growing U classes for thriving in times of challenge.

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