POP-UP Festival

the world’s largest EQ event

In partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, POP-UP Festival engages a worldwide community of volunteers to hold fun learning experiences with a delightful activity kit about emotions, wellbeing and children’s rights.

We started with two simple ideas:
Emotions can be a source of positive energy and insight.
Children learn through play.

POP-UP Festivals are joyful events where playing and learning about emotions brings people together.

In this playful context, when children and adults begin to talk about their feelings around the important topics of wellbeing and children’s rights, something remarkable unfolds. The activities open up whole new spaces for them to deepen relationships and build trust.  Children are eager for new words to express themselves and increase their emotional literacy. Adults love sharing moments of honesty and insights with their children. Teachers are delighted by the parent support for POP-UPs.

Perhaps that’s why the volunteers gave a huge 97% approval rating when we asked if they’ll do POP-UP again. Here are some images and stories of these gorgeous celebrations.  

Brimming with Gratitude

from an educator in India

“Being passionate about children, I held a  POP UP Festival at a school in Coonoor. I was taken aback by the enthusiasm of these children the spontaneity with which they expressed themselves and their eagerness to do the activities. These children spent the most time doing the GRATEFUL MAIL, and it occurred to me that they were brimming with gratitude. This gave them an opportunity to express gratitude without holding back. This particularly warmed my heart.”

This is for Everyone.

from a volunteer

“POP-UP Festival helped me to reach out to more schools and students. It has helped many participants to understand the value of their own emotions. It helped adults to understand their feelings matters irrespective of their age. This is for everyone. Participants had amazing insight and they went smiling after the sessions.”

Every single child wanted to share her feeling.

from a volunteer

“There was a moment when every single child wanted to share her feeling during an activity where students were requested to pick an emoji, recall the feeling and express it. I learnt that these children had a lot of emotions in their hearts, but never had a chance before, to express themselves out.”

It brings out the very best in the little humans.

The POP-Up Festival was a wonderful chance for then children to search inside themselves and realise the emotions that occur within them during various situations in their lives. The Festival made the teachers realise the importance of of self awareness and self efficacy.

I definitely will be participating again next year, because it brings out the very best in the little humans.

It’s Not Too Late

Will you sign the UNICEF petition for Children’s Rights?

Powered by 6000+ Volunteers

Some held a POP-UP Festival at their kitchen table with family. Some took over the city park. One held a run. Another is doing POP-UP Festivals at every school in her community. Over 6000 volunteers in 174 countries & territories, giving their time to celebrate with children.

From our hearts to yours.

Thank you!

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