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WOW — it was so fun to hear from all of you on Facebook about your noble goals! What have you learned about your noble goal in this week since we’ve checked in? One of the best feelings in the world is articulating your noble goal– and having it feel “so right.” Actually, I think a lot of the best things in the world feel so good because they are “so right!” How do we know something is “so right?”  Our intuition tells us– it’s that subtly magnificent gut feeling that knows what’s right without reason, words, or cognition.


Wisdom Lives Within is a component of Six Seconds’ learning philosophy. It means that we honor the idea that each individual holds they key to their own unlocking. It means that YOU are holding the candle that illuminates your best self and your unique brilliance. We’re just here to offer different types of matches. YOU know what lights you up. 

Do you know this? 

Sometimes I forget. In life, I can get so caught up in what other people are thinking. I make pro/ con lists, I ask for 1000 opinions, I look outside myself, I doubt myself. We live in a world that gives us so much information without even asking, and we are taught that we must look at every option, research every decision, and rigorously test every outcome. Of course, consequential thinking and planning has its place. But, often, the best decision would be made by simply relying on our intuition.

At least, that’s what the research says. A landmark study on intuition found that participants made faster and more accurate decisions when they incorporated unconscious data. And the most amazing thing? Their intuition and accuracy improved with practice– suggesting that your ability to listen to your own intuition is completely learnable and changeable.

So what does your gut say? Does it want you to listen to it more? Let’s explore some different matches for lighting up the wisdom within yourself.

(By the way– if you want more information on research behind intuition and the amazing world of “gut instincts,” just send me a message!)

Do you know what your intuition feels like? If so, think back on the last time you felt it strongly and note how it felt in your body + mind. If you have no clue what your intuition feels like, that is completely normal :). Either way, choose one of these simple tricks for increasing awareness of your intuition. And remember– the more you practice, the more bright your intuition becomes.

1. Flip a coin. Choose a decision you are wanting to make right now, big or small. Narrow your choices down to two, then assign one choice to each side of a coin. You’re going to flip the coin but cover it up before looking at the result. QUICK– which side do you want to be up? This is your intuition talking. PS– this is really fun for helping someone else access their intuition (because they won’t know that you are going to cover the coin)

2. Let your energy tell you. Pay attention to your energy levels. When do you feel lively? When do you feel drained? Your body’s wisdom is telling you something; what is it? PS- if you’re looking for a concrete way to track and access the wisdom of your emotions, check out this experiment I did last week.

3. Meditate for 3 minutes. Clearing your mind, trying to clear your mind, or simply watching your monkey brain jump all over the place is meditation, and meditation is the express lane to focusing inward. Set your timer for just three minutes and focus on your breath, the feeling of the sun on your face, or mentally repeat your favorite affirmation or prayer. Want to learn more about meditation, find guided ones online, or learn tips on how to stick with it? Check out this Six Seconds article.

Each of these tips take, at most, 3 minutes of your day; to which one are you drawn?

What reactions do you have to the word “intuition” or “gut”?

Which of the three tricks could you regularly integrate into your life?

What would your life look like if you listened to your intuition more often?

[email protected] — I love hearing from you!

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Maria Jackson

Maria Jackson

Program Manager at Six Seconds
Maria Jackson enjoys writing about the personal side of practicing emotional intelligence. Her noble goal is to “nurture inner illumination,” and she feel grateful to work and live in a world where she can practice daily. She shares stories, tips, and inspirations for living EQ in Illuminate, a free, weekly e-mail column ( She'd love to hear from you at [email protected]
Maria Jackson

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