New Research: 22x more likely to be high performing

In the 2017 Vitality Report, leaders & team members in 95 countries answered the question: “Is emotional intelligence development a priority in your organization?” 

Organizations where emotional intelligence development is a priority are 22 times as likely to be high performers. To put that in perspective: People who smoke cigarettes are 8 times as likely to get cancer. This stunning finding will be one of the key discussion topics at The World EQ Summit next month. So, what does 22x look like?

 The research comes from the 2017 Organizational Vitality study, drawing on over 1600 leaders & team members from 95 countries. Tracking changing views of emotions in the workplace since 2006, the study looks at how people feel at work, how they perceive emotional intelligence, and the value of EQ.

The full report is available for free download from Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network — the global nonprofit community working toward a billion people practicing emotional intelligence.

In a recent panel discussion, experts from around the globe shared powerful perspectives on this data and the implications for leaders (click here for the video and transcript). The key point:

Given the emotional challenges in the workplace (and life), leadership is getting harder, so emotional intelligence is becoming even more important.

Just for example… how do people feel at work? The answer is:


In those organizations that prioritize emotional intelligence, frustration is still high…

but look what else appears:

Frustration seems to be the word-of-the-year at work — but equipping people with skills to be “smarter with feelings” may be essential in this context.

This is why it’s so important to design an “emotional capital strategy” – planning the climate you need to develop to get the results you want.

The World EQ Summit

November, 2017 | Dubai | Mumbai

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