In a space and time where high school students are experiencing levels of stress greater than adults, it’s no wonder that burnout has become the adolescent affliction on school campuses in America.

Are your students or teens feeling unmotivated, fatigued, or cynical? According to new research, this is likely due to school burnout.

A recent study by Ms. Jessica Bushman – who conducted the research in her Junior year of high school, revealed that students often feel like school burnout is a continuous spiral that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. This can be a detrimental to the students’ learning and life satisfaction. In fact, students themselves stated that one of the worst aspects of school burnout is the negative effect that they have on their community’s morale.

The study gathered first-hand accounts of school burnout from students. This helps fill the gap in knowledge that exists regarding the experience of school burnout and the extent and effect that burnout has on adolescents for school administrators, faculty, and support specialists.

Kelli Schulte, Six Seconds Preferred Partner and EQ Coach, stresses the importance of breaking and preventing the school burnout cycle with emotional intelligence. With greater EQ, students can learn to navigate the challenges they face with proven skills and tools to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Students from Bushman’s study identified three recommendations for schools to help students suffering from school burnout.

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