The Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified in 1989, is the most-signed human rights legislation in the world. As an international law, the rights are not-so-easy to read. Here’s a simplified version.


Paraphrased in simple terms from the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Children have the right…

To a name & citizenship.

To know his or her parents.

To live with his or her parents unless it is not in his or her best interests.

To maintain contact with both parents if separated from one or both.

To be reunited with parents when possible.

To express an opinion, and to have that opinion taken into account.

To obtain appropriate information.

To meet with others and to join or set up associations.

To privacy.

To access information and material from a diversity of media sources.

To protection from abuse or neglect.

If not with family, to appropriate care, taking into account the child’s cultural background.

If mentally or physically disabled, to special care, education and training.

To the enjoyment of the highest possible standard of health.

To an adequate standard of living.

To education that develops the child’s personality and talents.

To enjoy their own culture, to practice their own religion and to use their own language.

To rest and to engage in leisure, play and recreational activities.

To participate in cultural and artistic activities.

To be protected from child labor.

To be protected from illicit drugs.

To be protected from sexual exploitation or abuse.

To be protected from trafficking.

To protection from all other forms of exploitation prejudicial to their welfare.

To be protected from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

To not be made a soldier.

To be protected from armed conflict.

To be protected from pornography.

To rehabilitation if a victim of violation of the rights.

To have a due process of law.

UNICEF created and shared many resources about The Convention on the Rights of the Child for the 20th anniversary of the signing, check out their site for more.

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