Host an EQ Workshop for U.N. Children's Day

Three fabulous free EQ workshops for children & their adults

To support the United Nations’ goals for Universal Children’s Day, we are holding free workshops around the world for adults and/or children to practice emotional intelligence. There are three workshop “kits” available, and volunteer-facilitators can host one, two, or all three workshops during November, 2016.

The workshops align to the three weekly themes of the EQ for Universal Children’s Day celebration, and they’re based on the concepts of the Charter for the Rights of the Child and the social+emotional skills that can help make those rights work.


Workshop 1

EQ for Self-Awareness

What are the rights of children, and how do we feel looking at those rights? When we’re in a disagreement in our day-to-day lives, how are our thoughts, feelings, and actions interfering with the rights we value? What can we do about that?


Workshop 2


EQ for Relationships

Using the metaphor of favorite foods, we will consider the ingredients of great relationships (eg teacher-student, parent-child, child-child). Then we’ll use the concept of Brain Styles to explore different ways people bring those ingredients into action.

Workshop 3

EQ for the World

The Declaration of the Rights of Children was signed 57 years ago – what do we want to see in the world 57 years from now? How can we use emotional intelligence, and the “Know-Choose-Give” process, help make that vision come true?

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How do I Participate?

Signup and we’ll share the kits with you. The kits each include a detailed guide with outline & script for the 50-minute session, plus slides with speaker notes, handouts to download & print, plus preparation instructions.

You are also be invited to two web meetings:

  1. Workshop Logistics – who should hold a workshop, why, how does it work?
    Oct 14th – details and signup here
  2. Workshop Content – what’s in the UCD workshops, review of slides & exercises
    Oct 26th – details and signup here


There’s also an EQ for Universal Children’s Day Facebook Group where you can discuss the project and get support.

Workshop Logistics

Why: To share and practice the skills of emotional intelligence to support a world where children flourish.

Who: A group of any size that you choose to bring together — either adults who work with / care for children, children, or adults & children together.

What: 50-minute, interactive classes introducing a key concept of emotional intelligence as related to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the support and practice of these rights.

When: Nov 1-20, 2017 at day(s) and time(s) of your choice.

Where: A facility you obtain – could be a classroom, kitchen table, office, community center, etc

How: You just…

  • download the materials we supply (instructions, invitation, slides, downloadable handouts) and get a few other needed supplies.
  • Attend online meetings (or watch the recording) and/or chat in the Facebook group to help you prepare.
  • Bring together your group and hold the session
  • Share your experiences in the Facebook group (if you want)

Q&A and the Emotional Intelligence Workshops

What exactly is in the workshops? A summary is above. For full details, sign up and we’ll share the scripts & slides. Then you can make a final decision if you’re going to do the session(s).


What is Universal Children’s Day and what is the Charter for the Rights of the Child? The United Nations named November 20 as Universal Children’s Day commemorating the signing of two essential international laws to support children’s wellbeing. The charter, UNCRC, articulates rights (such as education, play, health and freedom from trafficking and others perils) and guides nations on how to protect those rights.


Who can volunteer to facilitate? Do I need special training? If you can lead a group in conversation, you can facilitate these workshops. If you have done any teaching/ training/ presenting it might be easier, of course, but the workshops are interactive and fun — the focus is on the participants talking and doing, not on you presenting.


For what age(s) are the workshops? They’re written for both adults & children, or both together (!!) If you are sharing with children under 8 years old, you’ll need to modify the language (for example simplifying questions).


How big does my group have to be? You can have as few or as many people as you want (3 people… 30 people… 300 people… the workshops are very flexible; as mentioned above, most of the “content” happens in small group discussions)


Can I charge for the workshops? The workshops are to be free of charge — but if you need to pay for a facility or snacks, it’s ok to charge a little for the actual costs (not ok to use this for making money).


Where will I get the materials? Six Seconds will supply the instructions, invitation, content, slides, and you will need to get a few other materials needed for the event.


What else will I need for the event? The workshops require simple materials such as pens, paper, sticky notes. Optionally you can also use flipcharts, a video projector, snacks.


Can I combine two workshops? Yes! You can do any combination that suits you and your group.


Where do I hold the workshop(s)? That’s up to you. Your kitchen table… a classroom… a community center… an office…


Can I do this online / virtually? It will be possible to do the workshops online/virtually — but they’re written for in-person so you’ll need to adapt.


What language(s) are available? Currently they’re only in English — if you will translate the handouts and slides (and even the instructions), let us know, we’d love to share in lots of languages


What happens after the workshops? In the workshop guides there are suggestions of next steps. We also have the culminating event of the EQ for Universal Children’s Day project — and in the workshop materials, you’ll see a handout to share with your group to encourage participation in the 24 hours of sharing about children’s rights and the emotions that go with those rights.



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