March is the “month of emotional intelligence” in Dubai, part of our commitment to support people to create positive change.  In a recent study we found that in the Middle East, emotional intelligence drives 58% of the variation in success — maybe that’s why EQ is growing so rapidly in the region!

The EQ Conference and trainings will raise EQ awareness and skill in the region:

The EQ Certification
Transformational learning for professionals to develop EQ in themselves & others

People-Performance EQ Conference
Key insights to gain the benefits of EQ at work, school, and in life

EQ Advanced Trainer Certification
In depth skills for EQ facilitators

SEI Coach Certification
Proven tools to measure and develop emotional intelligence

Here are the details:

EQC: The Emotional Intelligence Certification

5-9 March, Dubai

EQ certification training indiaFor:

  • Professionals looking for powerful tools and processes for developing EQ in others, starting with themselves.
  • Leaders and individuals ready for a transformational learning experience where they supercharge their own strengths, increase wisdom, and clarify purpose.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase your EQ so you can more effectively do so with others
  • Deeply understand the Six Seconds Model
  • Experience dozens of powerful learning tools and modules
  • Earn certification with the world leaders in EQ development

PPC: EQ for People Performance Conference

10 March, Dubai

EQ conferenceFor:

  • Managers and leaders ready for insights and tools to improve people-performance
  • Professionals in learning, development, education
  • Members of Six Seconds’ network
  • Everyone interested in practical applications of emotional intelligence

Key Benefits:

  • Practical examples of how to put emotional intelligence into action to improve results in many sectors
  • Inspiration to strengthen the people-side of performance
  • Networking with top experts, colleagues, and fellow EQ allies

EQAT: Advanced Trainer Certification

13-17 March, Dubai


  • Graduates of the “EQ Certification” committed to increasing excellence in presenting and facilitating the Six Seconds way.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthen ability to design truly effective programs
  • Become more powerful on stage as a speaker
  • Increase capacity to facilitate deep and lasting learning
  • Connect more powerfully with the Six Seconds Model and key concepts
  • Learn additional powerful tools and processes

SEIC: Emotional Intelligence Assessment Coach Certification

20-23 March, Dubai

EQ Test CertificationFor:

  • Coaches
  • Professionals who use coaching in their work developing others
  • Consultants and other professionals who need a robust measure of the drivers of people-performance

Key Benefits

  • License to utilize SEI toolkit – the best-in-class tools for measuring and developing EQ.  The SEI tools are practical, well validated, easy to use, and powerful.
  • Deepen your understanding of emotional intelligence and the Six Seconds Model
  • Strengthen your ability to support clients in change and transformation by tapping the powerful drivers of EQ

Speaker, Author, and Master Trainer coming to IndiaThe keynote speaker at the People-Performance Conference will be Joshua Freedman, COO of Six Seconds globally, author of At the Heart of Leadership and INSIDE CHANGE: Transforming Your Organization with Emotional Intelligence as well as the SEI EQ Leadership Assessment and four other validated psychometric tests on EQ and people-performance.  Freedman is one of a handful of people in the world with over a decade of proven experience developing emotional intelligence to improve performance.  He works with businesses such as FedEx and HSBC, organizations including the United Nations and the US Navy, as well as schools and community groups.  Freedman is one of the founders of Six Seconds (in 1997), and has led the development of Six Seconds’ global network to establish offices in eight countries.

For more information on these programs, contact in Dubai:

Hussein Tawalbeh

Director – Business Development
Six Seconds Middle East
T:  +971 4 375 4102 | M: +971 50 457 4623
E: [email protected]



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