Why does emotional intelligence matter?

How do you use it?

Emotional intelligence is “being smarter with feelings” 
a powerful set of learnable skills that fuels insight, connection, and purpose.


Unlock the power of your emotional intelligence and get started on the pathway of EQ certification.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Build the case for EQ linking current research & your essential goals

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Develop insight on the meaning of EQ as a resource for thriving

How to Apply Emotional Intelligence?

Unlock your EQ as a resource to do what matters for your future

“One of the very best tools to develop yourself as a leader, a parent and in life.”
– Nehad Tadros, Global Director of Leadership Development and Coaching, Aramex

How do I join UEQ?

The program runs several times per year in every global region and online, the schedule of upcoming sessions is below.

Why join UEQ?

Research indicates that increased Emotional Intelligence leads to improved effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing & quality of life. These learnable, measurable, scientifically-grounded skills help us…

  • Navigate increasing complexity and stress
  • Foster positive, healthy relationships
  • Spark innovation and resilience
  • Nourish compassion and inner peace
  • Grow as a positive change-maker

The skills of emotional intelligence are learned — and we can teach these life-changing, world-changing skills.

Who comes to UEQ?

UEQ is a world-class experience in learning & practicing emotional intelligence, from Six Seconds, the top experts on creating value with EQ (see below). The course is designed for:

Learning & development / education professionals joining Six Seconds’ certifications

Managers increasing awareness of the value of EQ in their work

Educators exploring the foundations of social emotional learning

Individuals seeking proven tools and methods to “unlock” EQ for thriving

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Upcoming UEQ Events

Click here for the full schedule of certifications

Why Six Seconds?

Why do leaders from places like the UN, FedEx, Amazon, Qatar Airways choose Six Seconds’ tools and methods?

  • Global: Used in 157 countries & territories — this approach works everywhere.
  • Scientific: The latest research creates a robust approach by the pioneers in EQ — these tools are reliable.
  • Practical: It’s not enough to talk about emotional intelligence — Six Seconds helps you put it into action.