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Online everywhere – March 10-15, 2014

The 3rd Annual Virtual Festival of Emotional Intelligence.

Free online events & fabulous resources
on using emotions as a resource for thriving
for managers.  teachers.  coaches & trainers.  you!

How do you use EQ to increase performance?  Learning?  Health?  How can we develop this awareness and these skills?  How do I handle my own and others’ emotions more productively?  Join!

EQ Week includes dozens of webinars & resources delivered to you each day, 100% free.   Last year we had over 10,000 signups for the festival!

people-gears-EQWOver 60 speakers from around the globe including…

  • Dan Siegel: Brainstorm, insights into adolescents from neuroscience
  • Richard Boyatzis: Coaching leaders
  • Mary Helen Immordino Yang: Neuroscience for education
  • Massimiliano Ghini & Joshua Freedman: Breaking Research on EQ in the world today
  • Ayman Sawaf: Putting emotion on the balance sheet

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Daily Schedule

Monday March 10: Empowering

Times are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

della-porta7am Max Ghini & Josh Freedman: State of the Heart Report.  What’s the data on the status of emotional intelligence in the world today?

8am Deborah Havert: Building Resiliency One EQ Step at a Time. How to teach and practice this essential skill.

9am Nicole Lovecchio: SEL for Life’s Everyday Moments. What can you do to make EQ part of your “regular” interactions with kids, colleagues, and self?

9am / Roma ore 17 Massimiliano Ghini: State of the Heart – Il primo studio sul trend dell’Intelligenza Emotiva a livello mondiale.

10am Relly Nadler: Leadership Keys for EQ.  How to get off being on automatic.

10am / Roma ore 18 Ilaria Boffa: Ambasciatori Six Seconds nella scuola?
a, a, a cercasi …

11am Katherine Roff: EQ Patterns and Pathways.  Quickly track and train your emotional responses. 

11am / Roma ore 19 Lorenzo Fariselli: Le competenze del futuro – le qualità manageriali in un mondo che cambia.

Noon Annette Goodman: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence.  What happens to childrens’ emotional balance when parents are not handling their own emotions skillfully?

1pm Ellen Connors: Reacting and Responding to Education Reform.  How to handle new pressures and changes smoothly.

2pm Shirzad Chamine: Positive Intelligence. How to get your mind to serve you, instead of sabotage you — in the C-Suite and in life.

3pm Lane Cobb: Intuitive Mastery – A Heart-Based Approach to Emotional Healing.  Do “bottled up” emotions affect our health?  What can we do?

4pm Lucy Richards: App-Based Mindfulness for Young People, Smiling Mind. Tech-enabled of process of calm, clarity and contentment.

5pm Aline Kaprive: A Teacher’s Daily Dose of Optimism: Your EQ Prescription for Thriving

10pm Melkart Rouhana: The DNA of Organizational Culture: How emotions enable service excellence.

Tuesday March 11: Transforming

boyatzis-resonant-leadershipTimes are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

1am Maria Olsson-Bitschnau: HOW and WHY EQ Coaching works in business and leads to positive change.

2am Dexter Valles: EQ TALES.  How can a story to help you build influence and resilience?

5am Jonathan Low: Unlocking Customer Service with EQ.  How can managers engage team members to create a GREAT customer experience?

6am Granville D’Souza: Resilience: Harnessing your internal resources to achieve mental and emotional balance.

7am Carolyn Meacher: The Human Side of Change. Change is hard!  Does it have to be?

8am Richard Boyatzis: Inspiring Leadership and Motivating Learning through Coaching to Emotional Intelligence 

9am Sharon Richmond: Lead So People Will Thrive! Addressing the emotional needs of groups.

9am / Roma ore 17 Ilaria Boffa e Michele Visentin: Apprendimento socio emotivo:
il Caso Maus, liceo economico sociale di Padova.

10am Cynthia Kivland: The New Habit Maker: A process to increase emotional & social competence. 

10am / Roma ore 18 Luigi Mazzola: Intelligenza Emotiva e Team Performance di Successo – il caso Johnson & Johnson. 

11am Lindsay Pera: Emotional Connection through Apps.  Can technology support empathy and transformation?

11am / Roma ore 19 Michela Bordoni, Tina Riis e Emanuele Doria: Be Social – Come accelerare il cambiamento in azienda.

Noon Jenny Wiley: Choose Yourself Toolkit.  Resources to move out of reaction and back into balance.

1pm Shabbir Latif: Finding a Way Out of “No Way. When you’re feeling stuck, don’t just “get out of the box,” here’s a process to blast past the walls of your box!

2pm Sandi Wedemeier: The Authentic Way – The 10 Traits of Exceptional Leadership.  Using your authentic strengths to be more effective as a leader.

3pm Eve Ekman: The Science of Empathy at Work. Can we move from burnout to connection?

4pm Colette Lees: From Confusion to Clarity – An EI Equation?  How to use emotion as a source of insight.

5pm Carole Levy: The Bumpy Road to Collaboration.  How to re-wire our hot buttons, let go of ego, and really work together.

6pm Kim Knight: The Emotional Intelligence in Physical Illness.  How to use emotions to create wellness.

7pm James Ryan: Rites of Passage, Emotion & Four Directions Model.  Mindfulness practices to move from adolescence to adulthood.

8pm Mike Sissel: EQ for Tweens and Teens.  Developing new “lenses” helps young people see the world (and themselves) so they thrive.

Wednesday March 12: Engaging

 Times are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

6am Linda Beck: Understanding Your Leadership. How do you handle pressures in a way that improves performance?

7am Jacob Bimblich: Overcoming Self Imposed Limitations. Increase awareness & change “self-talk” to overcome challenges.

zak8am Lea Brovedani: The Anatomy of Trust.  How do we our whole selves, mind, body, and spirit, to understand and build trust?

9am Shari Beaudette: Emotional intelligence to Cleanse the Chaos.  How to use mindful awareness to “clear the clutter” and create inner peace.

9am / Roma ore 17 Ilaria Boffa e Maria Antonietta Duso: Uffa che NOIA!
la culla della tensione creativa dei bambini.

10am Scott Thomas Peterson: EmoSocial for Good Decisions: Can young people make healthier life choices by using an online journal with emotional diagrams?

10am / Roma ore 18 Silvio Bartolomei e Massimo Garbellini: Intelligenza Emotiva, leadership e Strumenti di lavoro per team: il progetto San Paolo

11am Joel Head: How to Inspire Employee Engagement.  What role does emotional intelligence play in motivating teams?

11am / Roma ore 19 Massimiliano Ghini e Francesco Blasi: Caso Komatsu – come creare engagement organizzativo in momenti di incertezza.

1pm Paul Stillman: Measuring and Increasing Engagement.  What are the drivers of organizational performance, and how can they be quantified?

2pm Christopher Golis: Temperament: The Secret to Lifting Your EQ.  Which of the seven core emotional drives dominate in your personality?

3pm Trip Hawkins: IF, the EQ Adventure Game.  How does this engaging new video game teach kids key social and emotional skills?

4pm Eleni Pallas: Leading with Emotion: The Conditions for Disruptive Innovation.  What happens to human interconnection when we shift from the old scientific view of a “mechanical” to the new “energy” view of the universe?

5pm Wanda Bonet-Gascot: Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Approach.  How can we use emotions to inform us of ways to improve our lives?

6pm Matt Perelstein: EQ-101: Taking Control of your Feelings and Emotions.  What are the basic steps to emotional intelligence?

7pm Fred Meek: Dealing with Intense Emotions.  Society says we shouldn’t feel certain emotions, but we do. So how can we deal with that conflict in a healthy way?

9pm Natalie Roitman: Teaching EQ EVERYWHERE.  In a globalizing world, how can we use our own EQ to connect with learners from all cultures?

10pm Monica Reddy: I Feel…Therefore I Am: How can Human Resources professionals use emotions to be more effective?


Thursday March 13: Valuing

 Times are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

6am Carlos Aldan: Como a Inteligência Emocional Influencia Sua Vida Pessoal e Profissional (in Portuguese) 

7am  Candice Smith: We Teach Who We Are. How do we we recognize who we are, what holds us back and how to transcend these to empower those we teach? complex_emotions

8am Ayman Sawaf: Executive EQ, Revisited – The Emotional Alchemist at Work. What if we put emotion on the balance sheet? 

9am Marie Holm: Reach Your Best Self! How do we use Yogic and spiritual traditions to create profound well-being

9am / Roma ore 17 Ilaria Boffa e Marco Fasoli: Ipse dixit: i giovani e la ricerca di informazioni in internet. Come non farsi fregare dalla rete!

10am Dan Siegel: Brainstorm – Power of the Adolescent Mind.  What does neuroscience tell us about supporting teens as courageous, creative, powerful people? 

10am / Roma ore 18 Lorenzo Fariselli, Paolo Pampanini e Fabio Barnabè: Intelligenza Emotiva, Engagement e Performance Organizzativa: il Caso Amadori.

11am / Roma ore 19 Massimiliano Ghini e Monica Liverani: Leadership in mercati turbolenti: come sviluppare una squadra emotivamente intelligente.

Noon Annie Fox: Teaching Kids to Be Good People. What do children need to ‘do the right thing’ online and off?

2pm Banu Hantal: Buddha The EQ Genius.  Can Vispassana and mindfulness meditation techniques cultivate emotional intelligence and and thriving?

7pm Susan Stillman: iSEL – Collaborating to Teach Social Emotional Learning.  How is this unique, free online course helping teachers?

8pm Sandeep Kelkar: EI-The Psychological Vaccine. Major problems in health and wellbeing are linked to emotion, so how do we equip children to handle this?

Friday March 14: Thriving

 Times are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

7am Pål Dobrin: SEL Tools for Schools. Can comic books and technology teach social emotional skills?

8am Max Ghini: Breakthrough Competencies for The Future. If you could ensure your employees – and students – learned just a few key skills, what would you choose?

9am Christine West: Rockstar Emotional Emanation.  If you send out the “right” emotions, will that change your customers and employees?

9am / Roma ore 17 Ilaria Boffa e Daniela Gambetta: Bye-bye ai talenti preconfezionati
una riflessione sui nostri personali talenti.

immordino10am Mary Helen Immordino Yang: Neuroscience Insights for Learning. What are scientists now discovering about the brain — and what’s the implication for education?

10am / Roma ore 18 Massimiliano Presutti e Rita Contento: Intelligenza Emotiva, Performance Organizzativa, Cambiamento e Sviluppo

11am Marc-Andre Oliver: Making Others Good. We have a simple choice about how we evaluate others — and it changes everything.  Here’s how.

11am / Roma ore 19 Pier Paolo Colasanti: AsterysLab. Coaching trasformazionale e intelligenza emotiva.

Noon Vicki Zakrzewski: The Science of a Meaningful Life.  Can we teach students to create positivity?  What happens to their brains – and learning

2pm  Tim Alur: Conversation – Access to Human Wi-Fi.  What does it take to connect — with each other, and ourselves?

3pm Kevin Dunal: Quantifying Culture. Can you put “Human Capital” on the corporate dashboard?  How does this drive innovation, engagement, and profit?

4pm Ray Phoon: Mastering EQ for High Impact Selling.  How do you use emotions to connect strongly to customers?


Saturday March 15: Balancing

 Times are Pacific (San Francisco), click time for a world clock.  Click titles for details & registration.

positive-penguin9am Michele Royan: Redefining Success.  What does it mean to succeed?  It turns out that our definition transforms the way we experience life — and parenting.

10am Jennifer Miller: Social and Emotional Skills in Busy Family Life. How can parents integrate social and emotional skill building into their daily interactions? 

11am  Stacey Burnard: The SEL Lens of Self-Regulation. How do we help students, our children, and ourselves find that elusive calm? 

3pm Meg Price: Developing a Resilient Mindset in Our Children.  If you’re not failing, you’re not learning… but we want our kids to succeed, right??


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