Empowering for Life Success:
Workforce Training for Individuals Facing Racial or Socio-Economic Barriers Correlated with 24% Increase in Key Life Outcomes

This two-year study demonstrates the impact of Twin Cities R!SE’ signature Personal Empowerment Training, which teaches emotional intelligence for personal and professional success.


Situation: The mission of Twin Cities R!SE is to transform the lives of those impacted by racial or socio-economic barriers through Personal Empowerment, career training, and meaningful employment. While emotional intelligence has played a critical role in its Workforce Development Program for over 20 years, TCR realized a need to quantify the impact of its Personal Empowerment Training.

Solution: Twin Cities R!SE partnered with Six Seconds to embed the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence in its Personal Empowerment Institute, in order to enhance the program and measure its impact with pre- and post- assessments.

Results: Participants in the Twin Cities R!SE analyses experienced a positive, statistically significant improvement in overall emotional intelligence scores, specific competencies like increasing empathy and navigating emotions, and 15-25% increases on key life outcomes like Relationships, Effectiveness, Wellbeing and Quality of Life.

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“The moment I enrolled in Twin Cities R!SE, Empowerment became a part of my life.” I came to Twin Cites R!SE after being incarcerated, and it was the best thing to happen to me outside of meeting my wife. Before coming to TCR, I was a lost man. I had lost my then wife, my job, my home, and my life savings. I decided to give TCR a try. The course that helped me the most was Personal Empowerment. Personal Empowerment changed my life and helped with my temper. Through this course, I learned how to handle different situations and to be assertive with how I respond to people. I learned my birthright, that I am a lovable, valuable, and important person. I no longer allow anyone to control my emotions.

-Leonard, TCR Graduate


Twin Cities R!SE has been providing career training services to disadvantaged individuals for over 30 years. They quickly realized that to be successful in its mission, they needed to provide more than just skill building and job placement opportunities; they had to address the underlying emotional challenges people faced and support them in unlocking their potential, both personally and professionally. As a result, they created an emotional intelligence training called Personal Empowerment Training, and made it a core part of its Workforce Development Program. The program succeeded in such a way that it became its own division within Twin Cities R!SE, called The Empowerment Institute. While participants throughout the history of the program have reported positive, transformational experiences, TCR recognized the need to quantify the program’s impact. 


In 2017, Twin Cities R!SE initiated a partnership with Six Seconds with the goal of highlighting and quantifying the impact of its Personal Empowerment Training at The Empowerment Institute. Empowerment Institute Facilitators started becoming Certified Practitioners with Six Seconds, and program participants took the SEI, the world’s leading emotional intelligence assessment, both before starting and after finishing the program in order to measure the course’s impact. The SEI measures overall emotional intelligence, 8 specific competencies, and 4 life success outcomes: Relationships, Wellbeing, Effectiveness and Quality of Life. In this study, program participants took a pre-assessment before starting and a post-assessment upon completion, and Six Seconds and TCR analyzed the results.


The data showed substantial increases in core emotional intelligence skills for all the program’s participants, as well as increases in the self-reported life outcomes also measured by the SEI.



Participants reported a 22.16% average increase on the Outcome of Relationships




Participants reported a 24.31% average increase on the Outcome of Quality of Life




Participants reported a 36.27% increase in Pursue Noble Goals, or connection to purpose


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EQ Skills

SEI – Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment is a validated psychometric tool for measuring emotional intelligence, used with over 250k people worldwide.

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Custom Development

To address the organization’s specific needs using Six Seconds’ methodology, a custom program was developed, tested, and implemented.

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Coaching – Six Seconds’ coaching methodology blends neuroscience and emotional intelligence with the International Coach Federation competencies.

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