EQ-Certification-Pathways15-3We recommend that everyone who wants to bring the benefits of EQ to themselves, their clients/organization/family/school start with the EQ Practitioner Certification program — but you are welcome to design your own adventure, and to contact us to discuss the options!  

For adding EQ in business, check out these powerful starter kits.

If you’re looking for powerful measures, try the SEI (for EQ) or VS (for org climate) certifications – both are available in a 1-1 format so you can start today, or transformational in-person experiences.

Six Seconds offers a complete range of certification programs to develop and apply emotional intelligence – at work, school, home, and in the community. Please download the “Certification Pathways” brochure to see an overview and flow of the programs.

Course Certification / Resources Notes Brochure
EQPC: Practitioner Certification ICF Accredited EQ Practitioner:  Use Six Seconds model and tools yourself and with your team and colleagues Immerse in Six Seconds’ transformational learning so you “get it in your bones.” 5-day, in-depth, get the “building blocks” to develop your own EQ and in turn help others develop. brochure
EQAC: Assessor Certification

Or, EQAC1-1 – virtual 
ICF Accredited

EQ Assessor: Measure & develop core skills with SEI EQ Assessments, the most sophisticated, action-oriented EQ tools available. Learn the SEI, SEI360, and SEI-YV plus Change MAP structure. In-person (4-days) — or earn EQAC from your desk with the EQ Assessor 1-1 option. brochure
EQAC-E: EQ Assessor for Education  EQ Assessor: Administer the SEI, the SEI-Youth Version (SEI-YV)(ages 7-18) and Perspective on Youth (pYV).  and optionally, our school climate survey, Educational Vital Signs (EVS). For more,  emotional intelligence assessment toolkit.  Where other tests provide “diagnosis,” these tools offer insight, plus a powerful framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. Participate in a live 3 day class, or in a six session virtual option with 1:1 coaching and practicum for both options. Can also be delivered in-house for schools/districts/organizations.  
VSCC: Vital Signs Consultant 

Or VSCC1-1 virtual ICF Accredited

VS Consultant: Add this remarkable Vital Signs toolset to your consulting practice — measuring the drivers of organizational performance The VS tools for individual leaders, teams, and whole organizations rapidly pinpoint key opportunities for improving performance.  Take the pulse with climate tools to enroll people in change, focus consulting interventions, and show ROI
EQCC: EQ Coach Certification – ICF accredited for 150 hours (!) of coach certification training EQ Coach: Learn to coach using a robust, practical framework for change — including the Brain Profiles and SEI Assessments. Grounded in the International Coach Federation competencies, EQCC blends neuroscience and EQ for a remarkable approach to coaching — either as a practice, or inside your organization/school. EQCC-thumb-75
EQEC: EQ Educator Certification EQ Educator: Effectively facilitate social emotional learning classes using the Self-Science process As highlighted as a model in Daniel Goleman’s 1995 bestselling book, the Self-Science process is a framework for bringing EQ into the classroom brochure
EQAT: Advanced Trainer Certification Advanced Trainer:  Train with Six Seconds’ methods; effectively deliver modules from Six Seconds’ library Learn to use Six Seconds’ powerful learning methodology in a highly-rigorous train-the-trainer experience brochure


Note: The Six Seconds EQ courses use the same model and learning methodology and little content duplication – they are designed to help practitioners grow in expertise and work toward world-class mastery over several years. Please download the “Certification Pathways” brochure to see the flow of programs.  


These programs are also available in house for businesses and other groups — contact us for details.