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Site Map & FAQ

How can I get effective emotional intelligence certification training?

Where do I find upcoming emotional intelligence certification training?

Virtual / Online


Asia, Asia-Pacific + India

Middle East & Africa


What’s different about Six Seconds EQ Certifications?

Which EQ certification program should I start with?

What do people say about Six Seconds’ emotional intelligence certifications?

Are there ICF, university, and other accreditations behind the EQ certifications?


How does emotional intelligence work in business?

Business case studies

Six Seconds Models and methods

How do I find expert EQ trainers and consultants?

I’ve seen you’ve worked with FedEx, Rotana, HSBC, the US Navy, and many others — can I see a list of some past clients?

How can I get certified in Six Seconds’ tools for organization performance?

VS – The drivers of organizational vitality

SEI – The practical emotional intelligence assessment


How does emotional intelligence work in education?

What are the steps to an effective social emotional learning program?

What are some resources and articles for putting EQ into education?

How can I test children/students in emotional intelligence?

Where do I find research on social emotional learning (SEL)?

How can I get certification training for emotional intelligence in education?


What are the most effective EQ assessment tools?

What is the quick, fast way to test emotional intelligence?

How do you measure emotional intelligence?

How do you measure the drivers of organizational vitality?

Do you have a comparison of emotional intelligence tests?


What’s the vision of a billion people practicing emotional intelligence?

Who are the emotional intelligence experts behind Six Seconds?

Who are the global leaders in emotional intelligence?

How do I connect with the Six Seconds Network in Asia, MEA, EU, etc?

Where can I find press room info on Six Seconds?

Who are the scientists, educators, and business leaders on the Six Seconds Board?


Additional sites

For everyone is the EQ community site, full of resources for anyone interested in practicing emotional intelligence. includes groups, projects, events, and a resource library.

Anyone can join for free.  Paid membership provides more resources and opportunities.

Our site in Italian.  Japanese. Spanish.


For Six Seconds Certified

Six Seconds’ eLearning site is where you do pre-work and post-work for certifications, and take online courses.  (And here is the Italian site)

The TOOLS INTRANET is where PROFILERS, EQ ASSESSORS, and VS CONSULTANTS go to manage their assessment projects.


EQ Social Networks

LinkedIN Group for biz-oriented discussion – around 50,000 members create rich discussions with people from around the globe.

Facebook Group for discussion – highly engaged group, lots of sharing.

EQ Educators Group – Facebook discussion focused on social emotional learning in education.

Facebook Page for what’s new – our “official” page – please Like us!

Our CEO’s Twitter – new data, fascinating facts, Six Seconds in action.

For fabulous EQ TV… visit our YouTube Channel!  

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