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The perfect tool to introduce emotional intelligence, the Unlocking EQ Profile delivers clear feedback and an action plan for using EQ to achieve your goals.

The Unlocking EQ Profile brings clarity to the why, what and how of practicing emotional intelligence: Where are you now? How can you leverage the skills of emotional intelligence to get you where you want to go? What does that process look like?

Why Unlocking EQ?

The Unlocking EQ Profile is the ideal blend of simplicity, clarity, and practicality.

Personalized with the most advanced algorithm used in any emotional intelligence assessment, the UEQP offers clear, actionable feedback on your emotional intelligence and how it is showing up in your life.


Contextualizes EQ as a resource for four key performance areas: Effectiveness, Wellbeing, Quality of Life, and Relationships.

Frames EQ in easily understandable language – it’s about using your capabilities to improve results.

Recommends next steps and strategies based on the current scores of every competency.


Utilizing the core Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model, the Unlocking EQ Profile works perfectly with dozens of hours of published curriculum, hundreds of resources, and numerous hands-on tools for implementing EQ.

What is in the Unlocking EQ Profile?

The Unlocking EQ Profile helps begins with a snapshot of a person’s goals and current outcomes, then introduces EQ and the Six Seconds Model, and finally offers personalized feedback on how to leverage EQ to drive results.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a report — or even better, request an opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief to experience the power of this tool.


Sample: Goals

The Unlocking EQ Profile starts with data from the “outcomes” part of SEI: Effectiveness, Wellbeing, Relationships, Quality of Life. In this section, the individual begins to consider a goal of why they might want to use EQ.

Sample: EQ Model 

The next section introduces what EQ is – in the Six Seconds Model, it’s a process of being more aware, intentional, and purposeful.


Sample: Action Plans

Utilizing the EQ Neural Net – the world’s first advanced machine learning algorithm in an emotional intelligence assessment – the profile offers three suggestions of highly effective ways to use EQ to work toward the goals set in Part 1.


How to access the Unlocking EQ Profile?

For you: To experience the Unlocking EQ Profile yourself, fill in the form below and tell us about your needs. We’ll connect you with a Six Seconds Preferred Partner with deep expertise in your sector or application.

For your enterprise: To use this amazing tool to introduce EQ in your organization, you can either develop capacity for administering this EQ tool internally (see the next paragraph) or one of Six Seconds’ Preferred Partners or Certified Professionals will work with you to make it happen. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

For your clients: As a professional working to help others develop emotional intelligence, add the SEI toolbox to your practice for a reliable, practical, simple-yet-profound approach. Earn “EQ Practitioner” or “EQ Assessor” certification through:

Six Seconds’ core certification – the in-person blended program that’s equipped 1000s of changemakers to bring the skills of emotional intelligence to 174 countries. 

EQ Assessor virtual program – a convenient and practical option with no travel costs, you work with a mentor in live-online sessions plus independent eLearning and practice.

EQ Coach Certification – to learn to coach with this approach and earn Professional Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation, join this transformational learning program.

Read more about SEI Certification, and/or see the schedule of upcoming EQ certification programs.

Request a sample report and additional information here

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