The Emotional Intelligence Livestream #24


Coaching for Change

How can coaches use EQ for transformation?

Ideally, coaching is a transformational process, building internal capacity to create change in the world. Coaching is more than “conversations,” and different than “mentoring” and  “training” because it’s a partnership for growth. In this vision, coaching manifests a new form of “power with,” and couldn’t that help us build a better world?

That’s the vision, but what’s the reality? Coaching is sometimes superficial, transactional, and wandering. Coaching should be a unifier, but sometimes it fails to be culturally responsive and grounded in social justice. Is it possible to live up to the vision… and what would that take?

Join an honest conversation about the opportunities and struggles of becoming a coach, and how we reconcile the practicalities of this work with Pursuing our Noble Goals by being coaches.


Paul Cheetham is a business coach in the UK, providing emotional intelligence coaching and training services to businesses and individuals. He is also an HR professional, and the Wellbeing & CSR Manager for Tombola, driving employee wellbeing and managing charity activity/partnerships. 

Reem Bahkeet is a coach, consultant and scuba instructor based in Saudi Arabia where she works in business, education and in the community. Reem is also cofounder of Trochet (named for trash + crochet), a ecobusiness turning trash bags into art. 

Joyce Zhang, is a PCC coach and served as an HR professional for 25 years, with 20 years managing managers, familiar with all HR disciplines particularly in partner business, learning & performance, people & organization development. As a PCC and Six Seconds EQ Practitioner and EQ Coach, Joyce leads projects and workshops to inspire change and develop teams and individuals in a multinational company; she is Global Advisor Organization Development at Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Moderator: Joshua Freedman, cofounder and CEO, The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, working since 1997 toward a world with more EQ. Josh is a Master Certified Coach and author of the best-selling At the Heart of Leadership, as well as four other books and six validated emotional intelligence tools.

Key Questions:

  • What’s one reason you believe coaching is transformational?
  • How are people in your part of the world responding to the idea of coaching?
  • When you’re talking to business leaders about coaching, what gets them on board?
  • In your experience, sometimes coaching is WOW and change seems to unfold… other times it drags. What’s the secret ingredient to coaching for change?
  • What’s the difference between coaching and being a coach?
  • How does being a coach support you to Pursue your Noble Goal?

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