POP-UP Festivals reach

every corner of the world

Look at what we accomplished together!

POP-UP Festival in partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day brought EQ to every corner of the world, activated 15k volunteers in 3900 Cities, reaching 1.67 million people.  For the third year running, we DOUBLED our reach and have people asking for more. 

POP-UP Festivals are smashing successful because of you — our network who knows that in order to change the world, we must change ourselves and practice emotional intelligence. And today more than ever, we need efforts like POP-UP Festival. 

According to World Health Organization: 1 in 8 kids are suffering with mental health issues: bullying, self-esteem, anxiety. POP-UP Festival is a free volunteer led event to build emotional intelligence & mental health through play based activities, adaptable to any setting. The digital kit teaches empathy, friendship, optimism, goal setting & emotional literacy, growing lifelong skills. When kids learn to identify & share feelings they have the power to change the future.

POP-UP Festivals are joyful events where playing and learning about emotions brings people together.

 Here are some images and stories of these gorgeous celebrations.  

Not just fun, but heart opening

from our Partner MEQ in India

“Amazing learning and great heart to heart talks happened with children. These activities are not just fun, but open doors to deep emotions that we rarely share with anyone. The children felt connected and made friendship medals for their friends. Teacher, parents and children enjoyed participating in POP-UP Festival.”

Starting with Gratitude

from our friends at NGO: The Making of You

“We conducted Pop-Up Festival for 135 Paathshala students of class 7th and 8th.  Students spoke about their feelings and emotions associated with it. Gratitude is often regarded as the key for a happy life. These kids wrote heartfelt Thank you letters to express their gratitude towards their loved ones.  We conducted this festival hoping to help the kids understand their feelings. At the end of the session, roles got reversed and we learnt a thing or two about emotions.”

Biggest emotional intelligence event ever

From our Partner Funtazia:

Greetings from Bulgaira! POP-UP Festival is the biggest educational event in Bulgaria for developing EQ, and for the second year FUNтазия is an organizer and a coordinator between all the places in Bulgaria, who volunteered to participate. This year we have more than 60 locations – schools and kindergartens in 27 different towns and cities, which joined the international activities! That makes more than 2500 children, and thousands of parents and educators involved in the World Children’s Day celebration! It was an amazing experience! Thank you for letting us be part of it!

Colors of smiles, words of friendship

from a volunteer in Italy

“Colors, smiles, words, emotions friendship, surprise, joy. We played all day: adults with children, children surprised us with their wisdom. We are all richer. Thanks to those who made this wonderful day possible: all the precious volunteers, teachers and students of the United World College @UWC Adriatic.”

Ready to Go Even Bigger? We need your help!

We are astonished by the overwhelming POP-UP action. So many dedicated people creating wonderful events for children! To see even more events and hear firsthand the impact POP-UP is making for children around the world checkout our FB page 
We’d like to take POP-UP Festivals up another level next year (more training and support to mentors, methods to connect regions, new activities, and more!) And for the first time we are looking to Crowdfund the project for the month of December.
Your help would be greatly appreciated — donations of any size are welcome, but our priority is growing the number of donors… so one of the best ways to help is by inviting your circle of supporters to join us.  We’re looking for your connections and enthusiasm. 

From our hearts to yours.

Thank you!

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