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To break through to the next level, Vega Energy had to create a thriving organizational climate, starting with its emerging leaders.


Situation: The vibrant startup period had ended, and engagement and morale were on a downward trajectory at Vega Energy.

Solution:  Vega worked with a Six Seconds Preferred Partner to develop and deliver a highly customized emotional intelligence assessment and training program to its emerging leaders, with the goal of revitalizing its workforce.

Results: A renewed sense of purpose, vision and capability among its emerging leaders – and a dramatic increase in employee engagement throughout the company (% of engaged went from 19% to 41%, and % of disengaged dropped from 24% to just 9%)

“I now have the vision to help people see the direction that the company is heading, why it is valuable and how they can play a role. I understand how to get everyone heading in the same direction…

Aaron Berg

Key Leadership Succession Team


Vega Energy Partners is a privately held company working in the oil and gas industry in the United States. Vega had achieved much business success in its first 5 years, but the initial startup excitement had worn off. Vega decided to invest in its up-and-coming leaders’ capabilities, with the goal of creating an intentional corporate culture driven by employee engagement.


Vega worked with HumanAim, a Six Seconds Preferred Partner, to develop and deliver a highly customized emotional intelligence assessment and training program. The program had two major parts: First, they utilized the SEI, Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence assessment, to measure and develop the internal leadership capacities of a small cohort of the organization’s emerging leaders. The program worked so well that it went on to be replicated with other small groups throughout the company. Secondly, they measured the organization’s overall climate with Six Seconds’ Organizational Vital Signs tool, and did post assessments every two years after to get actionable data.



From 2013 to 2017, Vega Energy experienced a massive turnaround in employee engagement. During the same period, they experienced massive growth and profitability, developing $6 billion in assets and signing one of the largest natural gas deals in US history.



Percentage of engaged employees increased from 19% to 41%




Percentage of disengaged team members declined from 24% to 9%.


Products & Services Delivered

EQ Skills

SEI – Powered by the SEI, Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment used with over 250k people worldwide, the Leadership Report delivers clear feedback and a path for using EQ to improve the people-side of leadership. Read more about SEI LR. 

Organizational Climate

OVS – Organizational Vital Signs is a validated assessment that quickly captures essential indicators of your organization’s health — and offers a clear path toward peak performance. Read more about OVS


Coaching – Six Seconds’ coaching methodology blends neuroscience with the International Coach Federation competencies supercharged with the power of EQ. Read more about Six Seconds’ Coaching

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