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ServRx faced “the classic problem” of a successful startup: The company was growing, but the culture was not.


Situation: As ServRx grew out of its startup phase, it became clear that there were not sufficient systems and structures in place to sustain people’s alignment, motivation, and energy. They needed to invest in the company’s culture.

Solution: Six Seconds’ partner worked with the leadership team to develop and implement a strategy to infuse emotional intelligence into the company’s culture, starting with the leadership team.

Results: A dramatic shift in the culture at ServRx, highlighted by a remarkable increase in employee engagement throughout the company (the number of engaged employees more than doubled, from 31% to 71% — while the disengaged group plummeted from 31% to 5%).

“Working with Six Seconds on emotional intelligence has been transformative, personally and professionally.”

Todd Delano

CEO, ServRx


ServRx was founded in 2009 for the purpose of providing the pharmacy industry a more efficient process for filling prescriptions for injured workers. Even as it achieved business success, a “culture of squabbles” and interpersonal issues threatened the company’s continued success. The results of the initial Organizational Vital Signs survey served as a wake-up call, especially the low scores of engagement and teamwork. Todd Delano, the CEO, realized that changes needed to be made.


Todd knew that the changes needed to start from the top. He attended Six Seconds’ intensive, five-day EQ Practitioner Certification Course, and came away inspired and “determined to make this work at ServRx.” He worked with a Six Seconds’ partner to develop a plan for implementation. They utilized the Organizational Vital Signs to properly diagnose the climate. Then, as part of a series of workshops run by the partner, they used the Brain Brief Profiles and a Team Dashboard to spark curiosity about emotional intelligence and give employees a chance to connect on a deeper level and learn about each other’s strengths and challenges.




Percentage of engaged team members increased from 31% to 71%




Percentage of disengaged team members declined from 31% to 5%.



In the same year, ServRx increased revenue by 25% and net profit by 110%.


Products & Services Delivered

EQ Skills

SEI – Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment is a validated psychometric tool for measuring emotional intelligence, used with over 250k people worldwide. Read more about SEI. 

Organizational Climate

OVS – Organizational Vital Signs is a validated assessment that quickly captures essential indicators of your organization’s health — and offers a clear path toward peak performance. Read more about OVS.

Brain Styles

Dashboard – A Dashboard is the perfect tool to gain insight into team dynamics, strengths and challenges in an actionable format. Read more about the Brain Profiles and group Dashboard.


Coaching – Six Seconds’ coaching methodology blends neuroscience with the International Coach Federation competencies supercharged with the power of EQ. Read more about Six Seconds’ Coaching

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