Individually, we can achieve great successes – but when it comes to massive challenges like saving our planet, we’re going to need to work together. Have you heard the saying that on a team, “one plus one is more than 2?”

Is it true that when people work together, they can be and do more than they can individually? What skills and awareness are required to achieve that kind of collaboration?

Brains for Collaboration?

The planet is in our hands.
Will we work together to save it? How?

Each quarter, Six Seconds, the global emotional intelligence network, identifies a theme to focus on and guide our work. For the second quarter of 2017, our theme is collaboration. What insights and skills are needed to work together to achieve goals that might be impossible to reach individually, as a person or an organization?

Collaboration is a way of practicing emotional intelligence

At Six Seconds, we also believe in practice, turning ideas into action in pursuit of noble goals. For that reason, we are also focusing during this quarter on the environment and Collaborating for the Earth. Through our EQ Cafés, we are offering opportunities for team learning and discovering ways to use emotional intelligence to help confront the environmental challenges we all face. To join an EQ Café on Brains for Collaboration/Collaborating for the Earth, please check these local listings and be sure to check back since EQ Cafés will be added throughout the quarter.

How can emotional intelligence, or EQ, help us transform our understanding into positive action? EQ means, very simply, making the best decisions by bringing together your thinking and feeling. It means navigating your emotions, applying consequential thinking, engaging your intrinsic motivation, and exercising optimism. It means giving yourself to the world by increasing empathy and pursuing a noble goal that may extend beyond your lifetime to benefit others. And it means fostering positive relationships, connecting with others to create transformation through collaboration, which is essential for solving big challenges.

Working Together with EQ

Emotional intelligence may be the missing ingredient that allows people to work together to solve “impossible” challenges.

The United Nations announced recently that 2016 was the hottest year on record. This makes it the third year in a row that a new record has been set. Sixteen of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred in this century. While some people deny that humans are causing climate change, we can all agree that to protect our shared home, we’re going to need to find better ways to work together. At Six Seconds, caring for the planet is a natural outgrowth of our work helping people flourish, individually and collectively. For that reason, applying emotional intelligence to collaborating for the Earth makes perfect sense.

Can we do better – together?

We are at a critical crossroads, and perhaps approaching a point of irreversible climate change, with rising sea levels, massive species loss, and widespread disruptions for people in many parts of the world. It is easy to feel despair given the magnitude of the problem and the forces arrayed against change, but it is now more important than ever to join together and push for solutions that will help us alter this perilous course.

So, it’s time for positive action – together!

If you’re in the neighborhood, join one of our EQ Cafés on Brains for Collaboration/Collaborating for the Earth. We can be better together and emotional intelligence can help get us there!

Also be sure to come to our Facebook Live event on Earth Day, April 22, with Josh Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds. He will be talking about using EQ to open communication and build collaboration around climate change and other critical environmental issues. Find out more about this exciting event by liking the Six Seconds Facebook page.

Celebrating Science

The March for Science will be held in many cities on Earth Day because science and scientific thinking are under threat.

At Six Seconds, we are strong advocates for analytical, evidence-based approaches to knowledge and the critical need to make both personal and public policy decisions based on the best possible data.

Find out more about this non-partisan, worldwide event.
It’s an opportunity to use EQ and practice collaboration for the Earth.


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Stay Connected, Work Together

There are many challenges driving people apart, but one of the powerful lessons of emotional intelligence is that we have a remarkable ability to connect. When we open our hearts and share emotions, we find tremendous common ground.

To receive news of other upcoming webinars, interviews, and articles on Brains for Collaboration/Collaborating for the Earth, please send us a note about your interest in being part of this worldwide community practicing emotional intelligence.

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Paul Stillman is Director of Organizational Vitality at Six Seconds. He has over 30 years of experience as a healthcare executive and consultant. Paul leads global efforts to promote the use of Vital Signs, Six Seconds' suite of organization assessment tools. He has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and is a Life Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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