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A survey of 135 employees and leaders identifies the most critical challenges facing organizations today are 70% about people — finding the right ones, getting them doing the right work, and setting the right conditions for performance. Respondents point out that this is especially difficult given certain key business trends.

The study identifies top issues, the importance of leadership, and the ways leaders describe their challenges. Then it goes on to explore how feelings and emotional intelligence play into organizational success: 89% of respondents identify EQ as highly important or essential to meeting their organization’s top challenges

In a changing business climate,
what are the key challenges to organizational success?

Six Seconds, an international not-for-profit organization, invited leaders to identify the key challenges in the workplace today – and particularly the “people side” of the equation. The survey explores top issues as well as employee attitudes and the role of emotional intelligence in solving those key issues.

Responses come from team leaders to executives in a broad range of industries and organizations ranging from under 20 to over 10,000 people. 135 responses were tabulated, primarily from North America but also from every other continent.

The survey finds that in 2007…

  • “Soft” issues such as finding and keeping talent are over 3 times as prevalent as “hard” issues such as finance.
  • Leaders are twice as concerned about leadership than all other issues combined.
  • Emotional intelligence and feelings of team- and non-team-members are among the most important resources an organization has in addressing challenges and reaching goals.

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