Emotional Intelligence at Work

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“Six Seconds and its trainers

  are phenomenal.

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  – Kathleen Ruby

Emotional Intelligence At Work

Ready to increase your motivation, effectiveness, and influence in the workplace?

This class will help you to:

Do you want to learn from the world’s leader in emotional intelligence training and access to the largest global EQ network?

our clients include:


Emotional intelligence is a learnable, measurable skill.

This means that by practicing just a few techniques, you can grow your emotional intelligence skills. This course teaches all you need to know about why EQ is important in the workplace, the basics of emotional neuroscience, and HOW to actually practice EQ in order to enjoy its benefits.

90% of the top performers are also high in emotional intelligence,

according to the World Economic Forum, and those high in EQ make an average of $29,000 more per year than people with low EQ. By increasing your emotional intelligence, you will measurably improve your effectiveness, quality of life, relationships, and wellbeing. Research shows these key outcomes are critical for reaching the job of your dreams, being a top performer, or successfully managing your team.

Are you ready to increase your emotional intelligence and achieve your workplace goals with evidence-based, engaging emotional intelligence skills?

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Optimized Online Learning

Using a combination of worksheets, hands-on activities, Six Seconds’ SEI Emotional Intelligence assessment, and engaging lecture from one of the world’s top emotional intelligence trainers, this course will activate you.
  • Bite-size videos
  • Self- paced learning
  • Low cost
  • 2.5 hr course

Jumpstart your workplace success

Watch anytime ● Watch as many times as you’d like ● Join the EQ network

My co-workers noticed a change in me. I am more flexible and a better collaborator with EQ. I’ve been practicing and feel more balance at work.

Jane Sweeney

HR Professional

I tried out new tips right away for working with difficult people. Let’s face it, no one likes conflict, but with Emotional Intelligence I can start to see how emotions and actions are connected.

Juan Castillo

Regional Sales Lead

I had heard about EQ but never really got it.  Thankfully I took this course and can now see how much I was missing in my communications. This course is great, not just for work, but also all your relationships.

Korrina Hammer

Marketing Specialist

Emotions don’t have to be confusing.

For over 20 years, Six Seconds has been training and supporting people to use emotions as resources. We’re the world’s leading EQ training company and now we’ve unlocked our learning to make it available to you– a professional who’s short on time and trying to balance work, family and life. We’ve seen first hand how simple tools and practices of emotional intelligence can get big results.

This class brings you everything you need to know as you get started on the Six Seconds Model of emotional intelligence.  With bonus content, access to the worlds largest emotional intelligence network, and your EQ Profile report and its like having a personal EQ trainer in your pocket.

We can’t wait to get you started practicing EQ!

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