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Liana Bagworth

Strategy-People Aligner, Canada / UAE

Liana is the Managing Partner at Dynamic Learning and she is a catalyst for human flourishing. She facilitates individuals, teams and organizations through their growth and transformation journeys. She is committed to life-long learning, sharing and growing, globally. Her expertise is the strategic use of EQ and culture transformation.

Dr Yasmeen Al Bulushi

Leadership Catalyst, Oman

Dr Yasmeen Al Bulushi has spent her lifetime acquiring practical experience in both academia and training with the main purpose of further enhancing the development of Omani society. She passionately believes in creating positive changes in the lives of people around her through education and is currently the Dean of Muscat College.

Dr Adel A Batterjee

Educational Philanthropist, Saudi Arabia

Dr Adel Batterjee has been an educator for the past 30 years with PhDs in Psychology & Education. His specialty is working with gifted children to promote positive change in societies. As the Chairman of Waad Holding, he provides consultation to schools and parents, and training to students and teachers, in both Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

Solafa Batterjee

Chief Empathy Catalyst, Saudi Arabia

Solafa Batterjee is the CEO of Doroob, an endowment company based in Jeddah, and a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner. Doroob invests in education on a regional scale, to empower agents of positive change in their societies. Solafa is a passionate change agent with more than 16 years of experience in developing and managing projects that empower youth and women.

Lea Brovedani

Trust Architect, Canada

Recently honoured at Trust Across America 2017 as a Top Thought Leader in Trust, Lea is author of two books “TRUSTED – Secret Lessons from an Inspired Leader” and “Rebuilding Trust” as well as co-author of 3 others. Prior to her work in trust Lea spent 10 years studying and working in the field of emotional intelligence.

Dr Mariam Ketait

Wellbeing Expert, UAE

Dr Mariam Abdulla Ketait is a family physician and holistic health advocate, who has developed the Wellbeing Prescription, a tool to help individuals reconnect with their health and wellbeing through having a positive mind set. She works with the UAE Government as an advisor on wellbeing and integrative health.

Sanjoli Chimni Pande

Mind & Heart Educator, India

Sanjoli is the Founder of the Mind and Heart Foundation, which supports Individuals and Organizations to work more purposefully towards their goals. She has worked with over 8,000 adults and children in over 700 schools, colleges, universities and organisations to support positive change and nurture healthier, happier, more productive & sustainable communities.

Mat East

Lego Landscape Director, UK / UAE

Mat is committed to self-development and has attained several qualifications to that effect. He gained a Level 7 Masters on the National Educational Framework in Leadership and Management. He is qualified as a professional coach and NLP Practitioner. He is a certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator, one of only a handful in the UAE.

Erdem Ercan

EQ Change Connector, Turkey

Erdem Ercan is a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner in Turkey. He combines 12 years of managerial experience, with 8 years as an entrepreneur and over 650 coaching hours to support EQ development through workshops and coaching for global organisations. He has also successfully combined his passions for coaching and tango to develop the ICF accredited workshop, “Tango & Coaching”.

Joshua Freedman

Head+Heart Inspirer, USA / Canada

CEO and cofounder of Six Seconds, Josh supports the worldwide community for emotional intelligence, unlocking people’s capacity to connect. Freedman is an ICF Master Certified Coach and the bestselling author of At the Heart of Leadership plus four other books and seven psychometric assessments (in 22 languages and 127 countries). Blending neuroscience, business acumen, humour and practicality, he sees EQ as a simple and profoundly human exercise that we can all practice. 

Angela Giacoumis

People Whisperer, Australia

A dynamic business leader, entrepreneur & ICF certified coach, Angela is a sought-after facilitator, speaker and coach operating at the nexus of business and neuroscience. Angela’s unique combination of experience enables her to support people through change by assisting them to develop strategies to optimise their success, resilience and wellbeing.

Dr Peter Hatherley-Greene

Nationalisation Specialist, New Zealand / UAE

Peter has a PhD in Middle Eastern culture and education and has lived and worked in the UAE for over 22 years. As commentator and writer on local and regional issues, Peter’s articles are regularly published in the local media. His consultancy company, Emarise, focuses on improving National recruitment and retention.

Robin Hills

Empowerer of Emotional Management, UK

Robin is Director of Ei4Change, a company specialising in training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience. Through his work, Robin has researched emotional resilience within the work environment focussing on experiential techniques that support coaching interventions.

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld

Inspiring Psychologist, South Africa

Dr Pieter van Jaarsveld is a psychologist, and a recognized international consultant in leadership development. He has presented radio and TV programmes and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. He has published three best sellers, including his latest book on emotional intelligence is “Think your way to happiness”.

Dr Anabel Jensen

SEL Pioneer, USA

Dr Anabel Jensen is President of Six Seconds, Cofounder of Synapse School and Professor of Education, Notre Dame de Namur University. She has over 40 years of pioneering work in teaching the principles of emotional intelligence and, as a speaker and professor, has trained over 20,000 educators. She received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, studying reading — an apt match for passion to devour books about the brain and how it learns. In 2015, was named in the top 100 Women of Influence List by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for her work in the field of emotional intelligence.

Dr Sandeep Kelkar

Paediatrician with Heart, India

Dr Kelkar is a Paediatrician and, for over a decade, a passionate advocate of EQ. He is also the Founding Chairman of ‘Equipkids’, an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Emotional Intelligence Research and Training Institute which does comprehensive work for children, parents, teachers and other professionals committed to enhancing the emotional health and welling of children.

Avril Kidd

Action Catalyst South, Africa

Avril is the owner of EQinACTION, the Six Seconds Preferred Partner in South Africa. She has a BSc in Industrial Psychology and 20 years of corporate experience where she held several Directorships and senior management positions. Avril now works with corporate teams, individuals and schools throughout South Africa.

Alison Lalieu

Neuro-Coach with Heart, Australia

Alison Lalieu is a brain-based NeuroCoach, who is deeply passionate about blending Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concepts into a holistic, life changing Coaching experience. As the founder and CEO of UBalancer Solutions, Alison and her team of 20 NeuroCoaches are dedicated to super-charging the effectiveness of tomorrows leaders, today.

Jonathan Low

Sales and Service Optimiser, Malaysia

Jonathan centres his speaking and executive coaching work with organisations and senior executives around the premise that increased self-awareness accelerates professional relations and business success. He works with them to measurably improve their leadership effectiveness and business performance, especially in the areas of customer service and sales.

Sereen Abu Maizar

PreQ Seed Planter, Jordan

Emotional intelligence practitioner and assessor, Sereen’s mission is to support children’s emotional development to become tomorrow’s leaders. Working in the field of training for over fourteen years led to establishing a dream: Indigo, a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner based in Amman, Jordan. Indigo supports children becoming global citizens.

Dr Nomeda Maraziene 

Leadership Doctor, Lithuania

Nomeda is a medical doctor who also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She is the CEO of the Leadership Experts Group, a training consultancy based in Vilnius. Nomeda is passionate about making a difference, especially for the youth in her native Lithuania.

Manal Milbes 

PreQ SEED Planters, Jordan

Co-Founders of Indigo, Six Seconds Preferred Partner in Jordan, Sereen and Manal’s strong belief in the importance of children’s Social and Emotional Learning led them to combine their expertise and passion in developing various programs, including SEED, a program that nurtures children’s EQ.

Dr Sue McNamara 

Positive Growth Enabler, UK / Singapore

Sue is the Six Seconds Regional Network Director for Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of leadership and training, coupled with over 20 years in the field of education. Sue is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organizations to thrive.

Dr Abdulhai H Megdad

Possibility Awakener, Saudi Arabia

Dr Abdulhai Megdadi is the CEO of Mega, a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner based in Riyadh. He has over 20 year of professional experience in HR and currently leads a team of consultants, trainers and coaches to work with leaders and teams to increase performance within the Kingdom and beyond.

Amanda Moody

People Developer, UK / Singapore

Director of the Professional Development Centre for British Council Singapore, Amanda is passionate about employing EQ. She is committed to service and deep vertical development of individuals so they can lead a life of connection and fulfilment. Authentic conversations and enhancing strong self-awareness are the key to Amanda’s success as a leader, coach and facilitator.

Jayne Morrison

Vision Awakener, SA / UK / UAE

Jayne is Regional Director of Six Seconds Middle East, Africa & India. With 25 years of leadership experience and a decade of practice in EQ, her passion is maximising the potential of people by supporting them to unlock their value and increase performance both personally and professionally.

Maria Olsson-Bitschnau

EQ Coach Builder, Austria

Maria is the Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director for Europe, supporting effective EQ implementation in all sectors, by coaching trainers, consultants, and coaches to unlock people’s capabilities. She has experienced first-hand that EQ is the missing link between awareness and results.

Eldon Pascoe

Capacity Builder, Australia / Singapore

Eldon is the former head of an IB World School, a recognised authority in Gifted and Talented education, and respected professional learning provider. He has both Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Education. In his current role as Director of Professional Development at the British Council he leads teams that provide corporate training and leadership programs across the world.

Tommaso Procicchiani

Design Engineer, Italy

Tom has a unique background with an MBA in Management Engineering, a unique program about business management and applied engineering. He brings together technical know-how and business logic to create innovative solutions and powerful tools to connect people and boost organizational performance. He leads “Design Engineering” at Six Seconds.

Lize Rech

Learning Revolutionizer, South Africa / UAE

Lize Rech is an educator with 20 years of experience in all sectors of education: kindergarten, primary and secondary school, tertiary education and adult education. She previously worked as a Primary School Principal and now continues to support the development of others in her role with Six Seconds. Lize uses EQ in her role as wife, mother, educator and human being.

Katherine Roff

Vision-Made-Visible Director, UK

Katharine is the CEO of Act Positive, a UK based behavioural change consultancy which enables people to think, feel and act positively. Film, live drama and the use of story drives engaging, lively and experiential learning. Imagine a character, their situation and being able to walk in their shoes; that is the hallmark of her work.

Chantel Samanek

Change Designer, South Africa / UAE

Chantel is trained in Clinical Psychology, as well as an EQ Practitioner and Assessor, a Vital Signs Consultant and an NLP Coach. She has an MBA with Change Management as her dissertation focus. Chantel is passionate about facilitating change through learning and assisting clients with designing strategic development solutions.

Ayman Sawaf

EQ-preneur, UK

Ayman Sawaf is an international visionary entrepreneur, published musician and international best-selling author. He’s the co-author of Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations which pioneered emotional intelligence in the business world. Ayman is a Six Seconds’ Board Member and is currently working on a platform to create the foundation of a new Arab personal development renaissance.

Larisa Sochora

EQ Performance Enabler, Romania / UAE

Larisa is the People Development Partner at Dynamic Learning, a Six Seconds’ Preferred Partner. Her passion is EQ and her strength lies in integrating this and the latest neuroscience into practical tools for her clients in the Middle East. Larisa is currently pursuing a Master in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School in UK.

Nehad Tadros

EQ Deliverer Jordan / UAE

Nehad is Global Coaching and Leadership Development Director at Aramex. She is a professional certified executive coach, EQ Assessor and Trainer – and a long-term member of the Six Seconds MEAI Network. She is a member of the Dubai Business Woman’s Council and a Board Member of the UAE ICF Chapter.

Yasuhiro Tanabe

EQ Leader Inspirer, Japan

Yasuhiro Tanabe is the Six Seconds’ Regional Network Director for Japan and brings over 15 years of organizational development, training and leadership coaching experience to role. He has designed management and leadership programs for companies in all sectors and uses his expertise to support the growth of the EQ network in Japan.

Jim Vaive & Lynette Vaive

People-Purpose Connecter & Best-Self Coach, USA

Jim and Lynette Vaive are Six Seconds’ Regional Network Co-Directors for North America. They combine their business and healthcare backgrounds using the power of EQ and coaching to support the growth of Preferred Partners, organisations and individuals in the N.AMER certified network.

Dr Sarah Whyte

SEL Changemaker, UK / Singapore

Dr Sarah Whyte is the leading expert on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in Asia and one of only a handful of people to hold a doctorate in this field of study. Her doctoral thesis focused on applying emotional intelligence to support expatriate children with the challenges of transition. She works as a consultant, trainer and ICF ACC Coach in Singapore.

Lara Williams

Energy Optimizer, UK

Lara is a people performance L&D Consultant & Executive Coach with 15 years’ experience in private and public sector companies. She’s the co-founder of Momentum4, a Learning & Development Consultancy. Momentum4 has recently become the first UK Preferred Partner with Six Seconds. Momentum4 now embeds their tools and methodologies to deliver transformational change.

Wendy Wu

Wellbeing Connector, China

Wendy Wu is the Founder of Wonder Technology.  The mission is to connect people in the most fun way by AI & Psychology.  She is also the Founder of Six Seconds China and a global research leader for the Sustainable Happiness project.

Yuyang Zou

EQ Community Activator, China

With cross-cultural leadership & training experience in both NGOs and corporates, Yuyang, also called “Young,” connects and empowers EQ practitioners, trainers, coaches, educators and leaders in China to create value with emotional intelligence and to develop an EQ network for sustainable positive impact.

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