Carriere Italia

Reggio Emilia-Verona-Milano, Italia

Carriere Italia is partner of client companies in three strategic areas: organizational consulting, development of managerial skills, research, and selection of personnel/head hunting. In 15 years of activity, we have built and protected by Copyright the EMPACTO© Method, which in a flexible and customized way provides for the integration of different methodologies (including Corporate Coaching with ICF certifications, Emotional Intelligence, Lego®Serious Play) with the focus on execution, then on implementation with a logic of support and verification.

As Six Seconds Preferred Partner, international reality of research and development of Emotional Intelligence tools, and Extended DISC® we develop complex projects of change and development, through assessment in the field of Emotional Intelligence, Organization, and Behavioural. As a partner of Centro Ricerche e Studi Laghi we support companies in the management of research and innovation projects for the entire process leading to the obtaining of the tax credit according to the 2015 Stability Law.

We enter the company on our tiptoes, respecting and honouring the internal and external work done before our arrival.

We make our customers aware of their strengths and further strengthen them to achieve excellent goals.

We intervene as a team, to give the client different points of view according to the different peculiarities of the people in Carriere Italia.

In our interventions the theoretical part does not exceed 25% of the total, to leave room for the implementation phase that we achieve with guidance and dialogue.

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