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11 Nov 2019, Singapore Singapore
Unlocking EQ

Dive into Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and learn why, what, & how emotional intelligence works. This is the only course of its kind – ideal for people seeking to incorporate emotional intelligence (EQ) into their work and life. Unlocking EQ (UEQ) is the first step of Six Seconds’ CORE EQ Certification.

12 Nov 2019 - 13 Nov, Spain Barcelona
Certificación Asesor EQ

Potencia tu práctica profesional con las herramientas SEI® de Six Seconds, un conjunto de evaluaciones de inteligencia emocional de prestigio mundial. Mide las habilidades que impulsan la transformación y aprende a desarrollar las capacidades humanas relacionadas con la inteligencia emocional. SEI ® es un conjunto de herramientas muy completo, que sirven para medir y desarrollar el rendimiento. Las evaluaciones SEI ayudan a los profesionales a obtener mejores resultados en los individuos; las organizaciones y los grupos.

12 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov, Singapore Singapore
EQ Practitioner Certification: Building Capacity for Transformation with Emotional Intelligence
Increase your mastery of emotional intelligence in order to increase your own effectiveness and to support others to develop EQ using Six Seconds’ powerful methodology and model. After “Unlocking EQ,” EQPC is the second step of Six Seconds’ CORE EQ Certification.

15 Nov 2019, Singapore Singapore
EQ Assessor Certification: Metrics to Apply Emotional Intelligence

Equip your practice with the world-class emotional intelligence assessment suite, the SEI® toolkit. Measure the skills that fuel transformation and unlock human capacity in a framework for growth and action. Following UEQ + EQPC, the EQ Assessor is the final step in the CORE Certification.

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