Premier Training Services Ltd is a boutique training & consultancy firm dedicated to the development of people.

Driven to be best in the eyes of our customers, we provide people development solutions that transform behaviour to drive organisational performance.  Our solutions are underpinned by a bedrock of emotional intelligence tools & methodologies.






As a Six Seconds Preferred PartnerPTS applies world class tools and methods to provide high-impact learning & development programs and consultancy services.  We are passionate about transforming organisations’ by influencing behaviour change. 


Premier Training Services Ltd utilizes Six Seconds’ suite of organizational assessment tools together with 10+ years of experience to provide a best-in-class consulting intervention to pinpoint organizational needs.

Vital Signs

According to research conducted by Freedman & Ghini (2010), 70% of organizational change efforts fail, primarily due the people side.  How do you develop the insight to stay in the 30%?

Vital Signs are statistically validated measures that capture key information about the people side of performance. The Vital Signs tools are published by Six Seconds, a global organization driving positive change and people performance. Built on a model with solid business logic as well as sound science, the tools connect people’s perceptions and attitutes with hard business outcomes in an actionable, practical framework.

As a Six Seconds Preferrred Partner, Premier Training Services Ltd uses the Vital Signs Toolkit to help organisations develop the insight to stay in the 30%

The VitalSigns tools equip organisations with powerful data to:

  • Create a strategy that works with and through their people.
  • Focus and build buy-in for change efforts.
  • Quantify the people-side of the organization.
  • Identify needs and opportunities for training, communication, and development.
  • Accurately assess the effectiveness of development initiatives.

The Vital Signs Model defines five key drivers of organizational effectiveness: Trust, Motivation, Change, Teamwork, and Execution.

The tools measure the capacities to foster a context of trust in order to

  • Inspire deep motivation,
  • Achieve smooth execution,
  • Create effective teamwork, and
  • Transform resistance in readiness for change.

Vital Signs is a suite of scientifically validated measurement tools to improve effectiveness for individual leaders, teams, and across whole organizations. The consistent model creates a framework for understanding people-performance. 

Sales & Marketing Strategy

In a highly competitive & rapidly changing business environment, a sales & marketing strategy is key to the success of any organisation. Drawing together insights from competitors, customers, markets, business environments as well as the internal organisation, PTS enables organisations to optimise their sales & marketing strategies to drive profitable growth

Export Marketing Strategy

The export potential of small and medium-sized firms has been a growing subject of interest – for a number of reasons;

  • Strong growth potential. “Only a small percentage of SMEs in developing countries are now engaged in export trade, yet they account for approximately 40% of export earnings”
  • International Trade Centre. The current trend points strongly towards a sustained growth of the contribution of SME’s
  • New legal framework allowing a more open global trading system. The reduction of tariff & non-tariff barriers has enabled smaller exporters the same market access that was previously the only accessible to large companies that had the resources necessary to set up a base in foreign markets
  • Lower transport and communications costs. Technological advancements have increased the ease of communication as well as reduced transportation costs, making export markets more readily accessible

In partnership with Ignite Trade Africa & The Center For Strategy And Management, PTS works with SME’s to take advantage of the reality of global sourcing & develop a robust export marketing strategy


Organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on training to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of their employees. Research shows that only 20 per cent of learning is applied back in the workplace.

Premier Training Services Ltd was born to solve this problem! We provide high impact training that maximises learning transfer, resulting in increased productivity, improved efficiency & higher performance!

We are committed to providing high quality training solutions, using approaches that are practical and of high impact. We believe that training is key to both individual and company success and we take exceptional pride in instances where our interventions have helped to create meaningful change and bring about excellent performance.

Our revolutionary impact-based approach sets us apart.

We know that learning transfer is heightened when learners have the right mindset, it is amplified if trainees are able to learn by doing, it is increased by relevance and it is improved by repetition, reinforcement and coaching. Based on this knowledge, we have developed a learning model that is geared towards maximising transfer.

PTS Learning Model

Our Training Agenda is categorized into 3 Training Pillars—SALES, SERVICE & LEADERSHIP, all of which are rooted in Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence learning methodologies & tools



Sales are the lifeblood of any successful organisation or business. Since 2010 PTS has provided sales training that has enabled organisations across East Africa to increase revenue, grow margins and develop a robust sales culture. From beginner through to advanced, we offer a range of sales & sales management programs tailored to cover every stage of the sales process. Our solutions are designed to equip salespeople & sales managers with the tools necessary to become effective, confident and efficient sales professionals and our sales trainers are consistently rated 5 star for both curriculum development & delivery.


Nothing stands out clearer between competing institutions than the quality of their customer experience. In an ever-evolving landscape characterised by stiff competition from local and international players, it’s becoming more and more important for organisations – public and private – to provide a customer ‘experience’ that consistently exceeds expectations. Our Customer Service programs equip individuals and teams with the tools necessary to build a culture of service and delight customers which in turn will impact the bottom line.


“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”
– Harvey S. Firestone

We equip leaders in organizations with the tools necessary to skilfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace.

Research shows that the ability to effectively manage the human side of the business is critical for success. Emotionally intelligence leaders are more successful. They are better able to foster a workplace climate conducive to high performance which yields significantly higher productivity, retention and profitability.

From the ‘Supervisory Skills Essentials’ – a program for new Supervisors, to the ‘Transformational Leadership Programme’ for C Level Executives, each of our leadership programs utilise EQ tools & learning methodologies to drive impact and teach invaluable insights, proven to work in the ‘real world’

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