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Managers at UCB Biopharmaceutical

To create sustainable performance and provide value for patients, UCB decided to take a powerful approach: Focusing on managers’ EQ to transform the culture and improve the impact in the field.


Situation: Faced with a challenging business climate, the leadership team at the UCB office in Milan, Italy identified emotional intelligence as a key driver of success.

Solution: Six Seconds worked with the leadership team to develop and implement a two-phase strategy aimed at equipping managers with EQ skills that would, in turn, support field personnel to create better relationships in the field.

Results: The EQ training program for managers cascaded value to their employees and empowered them to improve relationships. Participants reported improved team dynamics internally and an increased capacity to connect externally.

“I am extremely satisfied with the results… We have created awareness within the organization, improved the mood and ability to manage changes, and have learnt to consider differences and work better together.”

Gloria de Marie

Operational Excellence Performance Manager, UCB Italy


UCB, a multinational biopharmaceutical company based in Belgium, faced managerial challenges due to a business context defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. The leadership team at the Italian branch in Milan identified emotional intelligence as a potential catalyst for excellence within the organization.


Rather than focusing on “the usual management training,” UCB took a radical approach of focusing on managers’ EQ to transform the culture. The project, divided into two phases, started with top management and later involved field personnel. Using a combination of EQ assessment tools, individual coaching and group workshops, UCB introduced EQ and provided concrete tools for people management.




Percentage of participants who reported improved quality of relationships with stakeholders.




Percentage of team members who noticed more effective exchanges within the team after 3 months.



Sustainability in the ratio between performance and EQ increased from 59% to 93%.


Products & Services Delivered

EQ Skills

SEI – Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Assessment is a validated psychometric tool for measuring emotional intelligence, used with over 250k people worldwide. Read more about SEI. 

Brain Styles

Dashboard – A Dashboard is the perfect tool to gain insight into team dynamics, strengths and challenges in an actionable format. Read more about the Brain Profiles and group Dashboard.



Coaching – Six Seconds’ coaching methodology blends neuroscience with the International Coach Federation competencies supercharged with the power of EQ. Read more about Six Seconds’ Coaching

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