A frequently asked question: “What is the easiest way for me to earn the 12 Accredited Continuing Education (ACE) units needed to renew my Six Seconds certifications?”  

The simple answer: “Go to a Six Seconds event!”

Six Seconds Events:

Best ACE Units Ever!!

For the last three major Six Seconds events, the Dubai Summit, the Mumbai Summit, and the Intelligenza Emotiva PraticaMente (IEPM) in Italy, we have awarded ACE units for participants for attending and completing projects related to the event.  The same will be true for the upcoming San Diego, CA EQ-CON in June and the Singapore Summit in November.


Each of these events shaped their projects differently, in some cases projects consisted of short slide presentations drawn from the material that the participants heard during the event.  In other cases it was an article based on an personal interview the event participant had with an EQ “expert” who was presenting. For others it was an extended blog post about what they learned during the experience of being at the event.  Some of our more technically astute practitioners edited video clips for use in training or posting to their websites. The possibilities are endless.

The whole point of continuing education is to keep you engaged and up to date on EQ models and tools that are available.  Six Seconds continues to develop new tools, like the neural net assessment, and refinements and other options to their certification pathways that open up more possibilities for you as a practitioner of EQ to use whether you are working in schools, businesses, or individually.


Of course, you can always earn ACE units by taking one of the pre-approved courses listed in the right column of the ACE website: http://www.6seconds.org/certification/accredited-continuing-education-emotional-intelligence/ or earn ACE units anytime by using one of the other three ways shown in the left column of that page.  If you click on the “+” sign on that page, there is much more information to be seen.

If you are in North America, or plan to visit, don’t miss out on the EQ-CON Reunion that we are having June 5-6 in San Diego, California.  Here’s where you can get all the info about the event: http://www.6seconds.org/eq-con/.  This is not your typical conference but a refresher on the Six Seconds tools and model as well as an opportunity to work with others to advance your EQ practice.  We’ll have case studies, working groups to take your practice up a level, and hands on learning with the latest content from Six Seconds. I hope to see you there!


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